The border wall – a REAL wall, not a metaphorical one – was the cornerstone of Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Yes, there were other issues, but that’s the one that put him over the top in many precincts.

So, now, as he is more than 1/2-way through his first term, some are loudly unhappy about his performance, and are proclaiming that they will NOT vote for him in 2020.

This is a mistake – I’ll explain below.

I believe that the wall is crucially important, AS DOES TRUMP! But, if he had focused his efforts for the first two years on building it, not only would it not be finished, but he wouldn’t have:

  • Improved the economy, and reduced unemployment (and, not with make-work jobs from government)
  • Gotten rid of a lot of rules, regulations, and government over-reach that crippled businesses, enforced mandatory PC actions on school districts, and enabled the Left to impose their agenda on the rest of us
  • Managed international relations to reduce foreign entanglement, put American interests front and center, and kept the Neo-cons from getting us into war (that last part required a firm hand on decision-making)
  • Generally drove the Left MAD – or, even madder than they already were

Not bad accomplishments, but what about The Wall?

What about it?

You do realize that building physical objects requires a lot of planning, siting, materials considerations, blueprints, and working with local governments and regulators to make it all happen, don’t you?

But the most important aspect of any building project is probably the most time-consuming – building the Foundation. Often, it takes 1/2 to 2/3 of the construction time.

Trump has been building the foundation. He’s been swatting away the entrenched interests, schmoozing with the local powers, buying off those unions/interests/politicians that he has to, and generally getting ready for the quickest part of the job – the actual construction of the project.

Trust me, his first priority HAD to be on the things that kept him from just putting up the Wall. He had to fight off impeachment, fake investigations designed to weaken him politically, foreign interests that wanted to drag America into solving their problems, invasion by a substantial portion of the Southern Continent, and a media that wants him to die, after prolonged torture.

The Wall WILL get built. I have some confidence that someone as experienced as Trump has been in building large projects will get ‘er done. Hopefully before the next election, but – even if it’s not complete by then (unlikely to be finished, given time constraints and the dedication of a good part of the Left on obstructing it), I WILL be casting my vote for Trump.

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