Many have commented on how Trump seems to be moving at a snail’s pace in keeping aliens out, and removing those who are already here.

It’s true, it’s been a slow process. The latest Supreme Court decision may have made it easier, and I think there is a good reason why this is taking so long.

Trump is, despite his tendency to seemingly spontaneously shoot his mouth off, a guy who feels his way through processes. His moves are designed to make the OTHER guy reveal his strategy, and to reveal his hand (forgive me, my dad was a serious poker player – I work from that context).

I believe Trump senses if he pushes too hard, too fast, he’ll lose the guys that are on the fence (on the Supreme Court). I think that it will take some time to solidify the relationships/alliances, and without that, some decisions may go the wrong way.

That could be fatal to legal reform. A bad decision often has to outlive the people who wrote it – look at how Roe v. Wade has hung on. Better to move more slowly, than to spur a decision that will reverberate over the decades.

UPDATE: A commenter, Fifty Cal, had linked to this editorial from VDare, re: the role of Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security), in acting contrary to Trump’s plans for dealing with illegal aliens. VDare is a controversial site, so – feel free to check it out, but Caveat Emptor.

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