The implication of the phrase “taking a stand” is that you are doing something difficult, standing to fight when any sane person would run away or give up. The defenders of the Alamo took a stand. The revolutionaries of 1776 America took a stand.

But this drivel about Angelina Jolie taking a stand? This is NOT taking stand.

“Movie star and director Angelina Jolie urged a Japanese audience Monday to join her fight to stop sexual violence in war zones.

Jolie said she hoped “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” her first film as writer and director, would inspire viewers to think about rape in war.”

Really? Angelina goes to Japan to yammer about rapists in third world war zones, and people are expected to care? Pull the other one. This isn’t “taking a stand” this is just typical celebrity pontificating about topics any intelligent person already agrees with. No, raping people in third-world toilets isn’t optimal. We already know this. You aren’t taking a stand, Angelina, you’re simply stating the obvious.

You aren’t in Africa standing between a rapist and his victim. You’re making movies and living in the lap of luxury. Now, I don’t begrudge you your wealth, but don’t think my entertainment dollar somehow grants you moral superiority over the the hoi polloi.

If you’re going to take a stand in life, do something difficult. Most people already know rape is wrong. Those who don’t… well that’s why we have guns and prisons. Taking a stand today is standing up against the government, drawing a line in the sand and saying “you cross this line, and it’s on.” America did that in 1776. Angelina in 2013? Not so much.

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