This morning, I was browsing the usual suspects before heading out to work, and I came across an interesting article on [H]ardOCP, one of the tech sites I frequent. Silicon Valley is showing greater wealth inequality over time. Individual incomes are dropping, save for the top 10%. Housing costs are driving out service workers like firemen, retail workers, etc… Only the wealthy can afford to actually live in the communities they serve. Normally this would not be news on The Declination. If a place is expensive and hoity-toity, don’t live there. Hell, don’t even work there – go somewhere where your work is actually appreciated, not looked down upon as icky or plebeian.

However, this is California, land of Socialism, Progressivism, and wonderful hopey-changeness or whatever. This is where every lunatic environmental wacko can hold up production of a solar power plant. This is where some idiot governor once thought to charge everybody $1,000 a year registration fee for being permitted to own an automobile. California, land of high gas prices and terrible air. Environmental land of litter and gang shootings. And don’t forget San Francisco with free human feces on every downtown sidewalk.

To say California is a mess is an understatement. We on the Right often assume this is due to incompetence. And while I acknowledge that possibility, I ask my readers to entertain an alternative: this is quite probably intentional.

On Drudge this morning, I found a brief snippet about Jack Ma, richest man in China, being a member of the Communist party. Does this surprise you? Communism has never been a ground-up, grassroots movement from the lower classes, despite the popular reputation as such. Rather, it is an ideology led by the second-tier wealthy scions who fancy themselves to be intellectuals. Thomas Sowell had the right of it:

Most people who read ‘The Communist Manifesto’ probably have no idea that it was written by a couple of young men who had never worked a day in their lives, and who nevertheless spoke boldly in the name of ‘the workers.’

Marxists merely presume to use the lower classes against their enemies in the middle and upper classes. Ultimately, they don’t want to deal with the dirty, teeming masses in their living rooms, or even their zip codes. Socialists have had the run of California since the early 90s, and yet their vision has resulted in the second-highest poverty rate in the United States (adjusted for cost-of-living – something Leftists rarely bother with). A quote from the original source:

“Do we want to be a community where our firefighters and teachers aren’t living with us, they’re living separate, in far off communities?” Hancock said.

Yes, that’s exactly what they want. They are better than us, you see. They are our intellectual betters, our moral betters, in all ways that matter, they are superior. They are the elite, they are the experts aggrandized and celebrated by Tom Nichols as the proper rulers of this planet. Why should they tolerate a firefighter in their midst? If nothing is on fire, then he shouldn’t be seen or heard. Icky dirt-under-the-fingernails workers need to stay far away. And while they are at it, let them eat cake if the bread is gone.

Socialism is Feudalism repackaged and rebranded as some peasant-friendly, wonderful ideology of plenty.

In reality it’s California writ large. It is haves and have-nots… with a lot more have-nots than haves. It is starvation for the masses and cake (hey, you can have it AND eat it too) for the experts. It is maximal separation between those that do and those that pretend to think. Leftists tell us that Capitalism is to blame for all this, and yet how can that be when, where they rule, there is greater separation, greater inequality?

I don’t pretend to care overmuch about relative wealth. There will always be haves and have-nots. Yet they do make mouth noises about this, then do the exact opposite. We are accustomed to calling them hypocrites, assuming that the mistake is accidental, a consequence of hubris, perhaps, or merely of ignorance. Consider the possibility that it is intentional, that this is what they wanted all along, and all the mouth-noises about the proletariat is just a cloaking device for sending us back to the age of Feudalism and rule by nobility – without even the courtesy of noblesse oblige this time around.

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