My concern is not for America, per se, nor any specific nation-state. It’s definitely not for a particular race, gender, or shade of skin. But I AM highly Culturalist, and not at all afraid to admit it.

What do I mean by this? I am fond of Western Civilization. No, not the consumerist parody that passes for it today. Rather, I am fond of a cultural lineage and philosophical tradition stretching back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Carthage, Persia and Rome.

Western civilization is not a race. It’s not even a collection of races. It’s hard to describe it exactly, but I’ve considered it a philosophical history. It isn’t clear when it began. By the time Thales of Miletus began his study of nature, it was already in existence. The many cultures and peoples around the Mediterranean coastline, who were variously Semitic, Indo-European, and some whom we’ve not been able to conclusively identify to this day, synthesized common cultural and philosophical elements borne of extended contact with one another.

From furthest reaches of British Isles, south to the pillars of Hercules bordering the Atlantic and east to the African kingdom of Axum, there was a cultural continuum. We call it “Western” today, because, for the most part, Islam absorbed and conquered most of its North African and Middle Eastern components in the centuries after the fall of Rome, leaving only Europe and some scattered outposts. But two thousand years ago, it would have been more correct to call it MEDITERRANEAN civilization.

It was borne of the unique climate and favorable trade conditions the Middle Sea created. The Mediterranean Sea was an ancient seaborne super-highway, and it generated among its disparate peoples a common syncretic meta-culture that continues to this day.

I am under no illusions that it is perfect. I don’t idealize it or worship at its altar. There is no whitewashing of its history, and it has made some whoppers (though, naturally, so has everyone else — a point commonly lost in the white noise today). But, on the whole, it’s worth preserving. It’s worth saving.

SJWs can keep their self-loathing to themselves. If they hate Western Civilization so much, why don’t they just leave it?

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