Even the Left knows that things are bad, that a shadow exists over Western Civilization. This article on Huffington Post is a mirror to our own knowledge of the days to come. Difference exists only in the reaction. Leftists seek refuge in “emerging Asia” and the triumph over xenophobia. In simpler terms, they will not mourn the loss of Western cultural norms. Presented with the choice of nationalism or globalism, they will predictably choose the latter.

Progressives, however, are willfully delusional about the state of affairs in the rest of the world:

Most countries in Asia and Africa are multicultural, multireligious, and multiethnic. In these countries the state protects the minorities.

Naturally, I’m sure the Tibetans feel “protected” by China. And why, in Africa, sectarian violence is practically unknown! There is a certain irony in the fact that Progressives, with their White privilege narrative, are too deeply rooted in European history to notice that other cultures are fundamentally unlike them. So when China tells them that human rights are a thing, and they are working on the problem, the Left blindly believes them. They do not understand the nature of Asian culture and persist in seeing it from a Western perspective.

The alpha male of the world order, the US, is neither willing nor capable of defending the steering system. It has ceased being the indispensable nation. The streak of idealism has disappeared, forcing the US to fall back on raw power despite the talk about soft power. Moral authority has slipped away, no longer available to support and substantiate US policies and interventions.

Terminology is important here. The author carefully made use of the term “alpha male,” a code word on the Left that signals a universal derision. Your official Two-minutes Hate is now required. For them, this is a seminal moment. In their minds, the great Evil, the sinister demon, the focus of all their efforts, is finally beginning to topple from its golden throne. They have exposed the war mongering beast.

Despite that, it’s the last bit that is most important. Moral authority in America has been slipping away because of the efforts of the Left. Constant media attacks, cries of racism, sexism, etc… have undermined and subverted traditional morality. Christian churches bend over backwards to accommodate the values of the New Left. And if they will not fight, who will?

Economic globalization is being challenged by economic nationalism. Economic globalization has worked wonders and still delivers higher economic growth than any other palatable model. There are several problems, though.

Assumptions abound. Ask the former factory workers of America how economic globalization has “worked wonders” for them. Several years ago I worked at a major financial firm, and next door was clothing manufacturer’s headquarters. They were proud that they had kept their factories in the United States despite the exodus of the rest of the industry. They were a very patriotic outfit.

Yet the building I worked at had been built for them. They had a whole campus of warehouses and factories there, but they had to sell the most grand building to the financial firm I worked for in order to stay solvent. They could no longer afford it. The building was beautiful, containing a central atrium 5 stories tall, at the top of which was a planetarium showing how the night sky appeared on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. That’s how much staying in America meant to them, and for a time they had obviously prospered.

One by one, their remaining warehouses and factories shutdown. Finally, they gave up and went bankrupt. Thousands of jobs were lost. Then the financial company I worked for went bust when the real estate market crashed. That architectural wonder sits vacant now, its planetarium unseen. Nobody cares anymore. Globalization worked wonders, indeed.

The concentration of capital and consequently control of the economy has taken a dramatic turn over the last two decades. The number of financial institutions, including banks, has decreased, giving fewer institutions — and implicitly fewer people running these institutions — a power over the global economy never seen before. 147 companies control directly or indirectly 40 percent of global business transactions.

Our intrepid Leftist has finally discovered some truth, but it behooves us to remember that he wishes for those 147 companies to become one, to merge with the government and replace the corporate satrapies with central Washington rule. Globalization has not increased competition, it has reduced it. It has not provided greater prosperity, it has inhibited it. The reasons for this are many and varied, yet a simple understanding is also possible.

Other, more dysfunctional societies have enslaved their own people to produce things cheaply for America in order to gain via the creditor’s pen what could not be won with bombs and bullets. The bank is their weapon, and the government a willing ally, for what is easier to control than indebted, broken populace?

I wonder who owns the old campus of factories, office buildings and warehouses now? It would not surprise me if its owners were foreign. It would surprise me even less if they were government-backed.

The link between the entrepreneur and the workers both living in the same community and meeting each other does not exist anymore.

Entrepreneurs were once a productive breed. Creation was their game. Practicality was its name. Thomas Edison, for instance, was not the inventor of the light bulb. Iterations of it had preceded him by nearly a century. Ever the entrepreneur, however, he succeeded in making it practical, inexpensive and widely available.

Today he would be assaulted with a barrage of regulations, testing requirements, fees, taxes and forms. Collusion and cooperation with the government would be necessary to get the devices to market. Even when this was achieved, there would be continual questioning and constant legal battles. Consider the example of Uber, the ride-sharing service. Taxi cab organizations are diametrically opposed to it, and so battles wage in government to determine the victor. The winner will take all, and that winner will ultimately be determined by the collective will of the Federal Government.

In other words, the few entrepreneurs that exist in today’s ideological climate are too busy navigating a legal and financial world to deal with the likes of you or I. You will never talk with them, nor get to know them. They are not members of your community, they are members of an aristocracy that is above us and lording over us. Some of them may well be good and decent men even so, but you and I will never discover this for ourselves.

The point of an aristocracy, of course, is to keep its membership exclusive.

Wahhabism is the driving force behind much terrorism ascribed to Islam yet counts less than 10 million people. Christian fundamentalism rejects the evolution theory and thus science and technology as cornerstones in modern societies. Not to kill and non-violence are central to Buddhism and yet news comes out of Buddhist monks instilling hatred against Muslims. Hindu extremism (nationalism) is a force to be reckoned with in India. It is hard to escape the observation that religion is hijacked by extremism.

Again with the deflection. Our adventurous Leftist acknowledges, however briefly, that “less than 10 million people” are responsible for “much terrorism.” Well, the number is higher than 10 million if you consider who supports them. I have even used Pew, one of the Left’s sacred cows, to discover this. Multiplying these percentages by the number of Muslims leaves us with an inescapable fact: well over 150 million Muslims want us dead. Not you, not me, not even America, but the entire Western world.

But, this is compared to Christians who reject the theory of evolution by natural selection and Buddhists who “instill” some hatred. As for Hindus, we might consider their nationalism rather justified, being surrounded by hostile Muslims on both sides. If continuing to exist is nationalism, I suppose they are guilty as charged.

Before the internet information quality control weeded out incorrect or culturally offending communication. It was the responsibility of the Editor in Chief.

Gatekeepers have, for the most part, been Leftists. So you will not see me shedding any tears for this fact. What they call “information quality control.” I call propaganda. Progressives have a fetish for organizing everything social and the Internet has, thus far, defied their ability to control. Anarchy reigns within it. Here you will find the last remaining bastions of the Free, though one-by-one, they are slowly being conquered by hordes of ignorant, publicly-educated morons. Naturally, the FCC wants in on the action as well.

The Roman Empire was succeeded by more than 600 years of dark ages waiting for the Renaissance to emerge.

The frightening observation is that however much it is repulsive to conclude most omens point to the last scenario without many of us realizing it and fewer stepping up to prevent it.

Medieval history is a fascinating study in human nature, for it was neither dark nor ignorant, but it was something less than what preceded it. The Renaissance occurred long after the West was already on the rise. And neither did some mystical Islamic Golden Age launch it, as the liberal establishment is wont to believe.

When I began studying the fall of the Western Roman Empire in depth, it became clear that walled cities surrendered without fighting, in many cases. In other areas, local strong men like Syagrius, the Magister Militum of Gaul, held things together with mercenary forces, irregulars and militiamen. The question inevitably must be asked: where were the Romans, fighting for their own country?

By and large, the native Roman army, that nearly invincible machine which had conquered most of the known world, was gone. Furthermore, its inhabitants were ambivalent about the appearance of Germanic warlords, for the rapacity of Imperial tax collectors was equally destructive. Emperors were capricious and prone to whimsy. Local villas were fast becoming feudal prototypes even before the arrival of the Germans. Diocletian had bound the peasantry to the land two centuries before Romulus Augustulus, that puppet child-emperor, was toppled off a wobbly throne. Guilds, knights, aristocratic feudal lords, these were all things that saw their origins far earlier than is commonly known.

Quite simply, the will to fight had left the people. The world had become smaller, and the will of a distant Roman Emperor was increasingly ignored until his absence was forgotten. Indeed, when Justinian’s great general Belisarius trudged through Italy a century later, ostensibly to restore them to the Imperial banner, he found that they did not even think him a Roman. To them, he was a Greek. They had no interest in restoring the old Empire, the concept was foreign to them. Rome’s Senate, once the master of the world, had been reduced to a conference for nobles of some stature. Even this would soon vanish.

Things might have been different, even so, had Islam not crashed into the sputtering Roman world a century after Belisarius and his Italian campaign. But it is clear that the seeds for aristocratic feudalism had been sown long before the fall of Rome, just as it is clear that those same seeds are being planted again today, by men not unlike the one who penned that HuffPo article.

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