Rush was talking about this today (I actually have NEVER heard his show – I generally read the transcript. As a hearing-impaired person, it’s just easier than straining to listen).

Apparently, he’s been talking to Lindsey Graham, and the Graham-Man says that he’s looking for the Dem solidarity to fracture – that’s the word, fracture.

I can’t wait. I just have this gut feeling that Occasionally-Cortex is gonna get impatient, and go mano-a-mano with The Queen, in public.

I swear, I’d buy tickets for that fight. Can’t you just see it, the Wild-Eyed Hottie and Skeletor getting in each other’s face?

Nancy: “Hey, Kid, why are you taking off those big hoop earrings? Oh, shi–!”

Not only is Nancy gonna get dusted, so are a LOT of Old Not-So Activists – Ayers, Dohrn, Clinton, et al. They’re gonna get chewed up by the impatient New Guard.

Hell, they might even try to take on Old Georgie S! Wa-Hoo! as we say in Cleveland!

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