My readers know where I stand at this point. I’ve made my case as well as I can make it. In case you don’t read my updates tomorrow, and I’m sure they will be entertaining no matter how the election swings, here is a reminder of the facts on the ground.


Hillary is the end for us.

Who is “us” in this picture? That’s an open question, and in that I am more inclusive than some. I take this to mean all of us who more or less like America, and who think ourselves to be Americans of some fashion or another. When it comes right down to it, one of the defining features of America is that most of us are descended from people who were kicked out of tyrannical shitholes around the world, or ourselves were kicked out, like my father-in-law, booted out of Castro’s little hellhole.

No, we don’t agree on a whole lot. But we agree to disagree. One of the defining features of “us” is that we respect the right to disagree, we don’t censor, or engage in political correctness. We certainly don’t burn down our own cities when we don’t get our way. In that, Black Lives Matter supporters of all races aren’t “us”.

Is “us” a racial thing? No, it isn’t. For Michael Moore is not us, and Thomas Sowell is. Tom Kratman explains it well over at EveryJoe:

So let me throw a little damper on the KKK/alt-white-wing of my readership, if any; Trump is leading by comfortable margins in Louisiana (over a third Black and Hispanic), Mississippi (close to 40% Black and Hispanic), and Alabama (over a quarter). He’s not leading in those places by the kinds of margins he is without a more than fair sprinkling of Blacks and Hispanics, who will not be much like the rioting for fun and profit thugs of Black Lives Matter (and White Lives Don’t). Those people are us as much as anyone can be. It would be a grievous and perhaps unhealable wound to your alleged souls if you don’t treat them that way.

He’s right, and I want to go on record as saying so. If “us” is somewhat more white than the national average, so be it. That’s the reality on the ground, and there isn’t much that can be done about it. But those of any race will always be welcome if they choose to be “us”. That is to say if they respect freedom and self-sufficiency, and our other American values, as much as we do.

All of us have a lot to lose if Hillary wins. You see China? India? You see Third-world countries? One thing you will see in each one is that there is a comfortable and powerful elite. They have armed guards, walls, and islands of beauty and prosperity surrounded by seas of poverty, destitution, and violence. This is the future of America, ethnic territories split by war and gangs, with small islands of Leftist elites living comfortably and thinking themselves morally superior to the trash outside their walls.

And notice one persistent feature. In those countries, there is no “us”. No free men. For we don’t exist. That’s Hillary’s grand vision of the future, a high-heeled shoe stomping on a once-free man’s face, forever. Does it matter to her what color the face is? No, no it doesn’t. It never did. Leftist racial politicking and demographic replacement has never been a principle to them, it was merely a means to an end. White Americans wouldn’t do what they wanted in large enough numbers, so they imported and/or elevated people who they thought they could fool. Yeah. That’s how racist they are.

Hillary will make amnesty happen, one way or another. And when that occurs, there will be no coming back. Texas will go blue, Florida too, and the flyovers will be isolated and powerless. Hillary is the end. The Second Amendment won’t survive her. Neither will the First.

Donald Trump is not the end for us.

Yeah, I know. One thing that’s been obvious for this entire election: Donald Trump is a figure who inspires polarized feelings. Some of his supporters are energized in a way no GOP candidate has inspired, except Sarah Palin (and her in far less degree). But there are others who are very reluctant. Even those who may have supported a GOP candidate, but found they could not support him. His support is high among independents, and he has the potential to flip some Democrats… but he has become the boogeyman to most Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise.

The Mexican immigrants who came to escape the political corruption of that country know better, of course. But truth be told, most of them did not come for that reason. They came for the money, offered by elite GOP and Democratic Establishment folks both. It remains to be seen how this demographic change will shape up tomorrow night. Trump could outperform expectations wildly, or go so far in the tank as to become an embarrassment for decades to come, in the tradition of Barry Goldwater. It could be a Trump landslide, a Clinton landslide, or anything in between.

The reason the polls and talking heads are not to be trusted is because the magnitude of the demographic shift in politics is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately account for.

Regardless of that, let’s put a few things on the table. Donald Trump, at worst, will still be better than Hillary. He could spend his entire term of office acting like a clown, and it would be a net gain over a Hillary Clinton Presidency. If he does even a small percentage of what he promises, it would be more of a boon than anything we’ve had since before 2006. If he builds a wall, and makes a dent in the illegal immigration problem, he’ll have done more good than any Republican since Reagan.

But even if he doesn’t, he won’t be overturning the First and Second Amendments any time soon. So even if he makes a mess in office, he will not destroy “us”. I don’t fear a midnight raid into my home to confiscate my firearms on spurious grounds if Donald Trump is President. I don’t anticipate being jailed or blacklisted for my speech under Donald Trump. Both are distinct possibilities under Hillary Clinton. Certainly I don’t expect ruinous taxation under a Donald Trump Presidency. We all know that’s been a wet dream of the Clintons for decades.

Perhaps best of all, Donald Trump appears to be in no particular hurry to start a war with Russia. It’s difficult to tell with Hillary, who is a sort of schizophrenic hawk, with a heavy dose of hubris and idiocy. Trump may mouth off about a foreign leader, but he’s unlikely to start a shooting war over such. With Hillary, you just don’t know. It’s a possibility.

Love him or hate him, understand that Donald Trump is NOT the end.

This is why I implore you to vote for Donald Trump tomorrow. I don’t want this to be the end, folks. I love my country, and like many in this particularly nasty and divisive election, I wish with all of my heart that it had never come to this. But like it or not, here we stand. No amount of wishful thinking will make this anything other than what it is.

So I ask all of you on the side of Freedom, whether you swore to be NeverTrump, or if you, as I have, came reluctantly into the Trump camp, or even if you are a Trump Train firebrand supporter… I ask you to unite for one day, and one day only. To vote against Herr Hillary von Pantsuit, and all the Marxist elitism behind her, and the Banana Republic for which she stands. Us freedom-minded folks can fight amongst each other the day after — we agree to disagree peacefully, after all. We are us, but we are not clones of one another. We are not creatures of political conformity, and there is no shame in that. But let us unite one last time, for one rotation of this ball of dirt, to give America one last chance to get her shit together.

I don’t know if we can do it. But I know for certain what will happen if we do not try.

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