I’m not saying that Trump reads this blog, but…

This is posted in response to Trump’s declaration that the Dept. of Agriculture is moving to the – OMZ (Oh, My Zeus!) Fly-Over section of the country, in Kansas City!

While I didn’t specify the DOA, I did write about the advantage of moving troublesome agencies – including some of the Interior agencies – away from Washington – one of those advantages being budgetary.

This follows the Bureau of Land Management move to several western states. All of these moves make sense, as their job is overseeing activities in those parts of the country.

Several Senators and other lawmakers are Up in Arms! One of them, Chris Holland, D-MD, said:

“This predicament makes it nearly impossible for your employees to determine where they will be living, where to send their children to school, and other important decisions until they know where the final office space will be located in Kansas City,” Van Hollen’s letter said.

Experts believe the USDA’s move may portend a “new frontier of economic development” in which cities and states vie to lure federal offices away from Washington, D.C. On Monday, Republican senators announced that the federal Bureau of Land Management would ship jobs to three western states as it seeks to relocate its headquarters from the nation’s capital.

OMZ again! You mean, when employees are suddenly told to move on virtually no notice – as American workers have, for some time, it MIGHT disrupt family life?

Who knew? Other than the locations from which manufacturers and other businesses have decamped, not to mention those workers who weren’t even given the opportunity to move, because their jobs went bye-bye overseas.

Of course, this is just a sensible idea that is finally coming to fruition. I don’t REALLY flatter myself that my previous post set this off.

But, it is nice to dream, isn’t it?

UPDATE: I thought I should reassure the new migrants that Kansas City is really a HUGE improvement to DC for quality of life.

Here’s a short list of good neighborhoods to start with.

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