From time-to-time, more moderate folks have accused me of being somewhat melodramatic. America is not falling, they will say, only changing, becoming more Progressive, or tolerant, or some other liberal buzzword. We aren’t living in a repeat of Gibbon’s great opus, The  History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Then I read things like this: Anti-GamerGate has a literal shiteater in their midst.

Note that the title is not embellished at all. This is the title of the article. And the most insane part is, it is true. 

The Social Justice Warriors of the Left, crusading against freedom of expression, do indeed have a person who recreationally consumes feces for sexual pleasure in their midst.

I know many of my readers are somewhat less prone to vulgarity and, shall we say, colorful language than I am. But in this instance, I think you will agree that the language is appropriate.

Read the article if you have a strong stomach. Or take my word for it that TheRalph proves that this particular Leftist does indeed do the things he is accused of. This is an individual taken seriously by the Social Justice Warriors of the Left.

Even the Romans, at the worst of their depravity in the form of Caligula, Nero and Commodus, could not think to match this. We are very far beyond Gibbon, now, and into uncharted waters. Sodom and Gomorrah are not even blips on the radar any longer. There are days that I wake up and wonder if God will tire of the whole shitshow (pun intended) and scour the Earth clean.

Perhaps that is what the apocalypse is supposed to be. God saying “to Hell with all of you and everything you are doing.” Open the pit and throw them all in.

Here is a short list of practices and behaviors for which the Left makes excuses, celebrates or merely tolerates:

1. Extreme Pedophilia (the SFWA members Vox has repeatedly pointed out)

2. Consumption of feces for sexual pleasure.

3. Dismemberment and sale of aborted babies, often fetuses which were viable, and at least one case where the heart was still beating.

4. Presidential candidates who receive bribes from foreign potentates of the worst sort.

5. Any manner of criminal activity from the Black community, simply because the offenders are Black.

6. The deaths of thousands of those same Blacks each year at the hands of their own racial compatriots.

7. Actual rape (as opposed to the imaginary “he looked at me funny” variety).

8. #KillAllMen, the hashtag. This one should explain itself.

9. The subjugation and/or extermination of people who are not transsexual: #DownWithCis

These are your enemies, good readers. This is why you fight. And the proliferation of these orcs is the strongest symptom of all that America and the West are both in terrible decline, for no healthy civilization would allow such foulness to survive, much less thrive in plain sight as these have.

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