It was said once that the sun never set on the British Empire. Indeed, the nation that within living memory ruled nearly 1/4 of the surface of the Earth is now mostly confined to its island. Still, ruling an empire has its downsides, not the least of which is the cost of maintaining it. We can forgive the British their loss of dominion. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are, after all, doing fine in the absence of directives from London.

Britain itself, however, is another matter. Take a close look at this video.

In it, you will see Tommy Robinson of the EDL (English Defense League) debating Mohammed Ansar who, naturally, is not a fan. The EDL is one of many parties sprouting up all over the old continent that are determined to slow or halt the immigration of Muslims into their respective nations. This may mean Britain is starting to wake up from the long slumber of post-imperial collapse. Or it may simply mean another genocidal war is just over the horizon. Either way, notice a few things about this debate:

1. Mohammed continually makes references to vague “threats” of a shadowy nature. He “feels” threatened. He “hears” people saying things, or advocating things.

2. Tommy continually refers to actual events of violence and thuggery.

3. Mohammed is against the EDL speaking their piece, but seems to have little to say about his religious compatriots except that the ones that commit violence are “extremists.” He seems hesitant to discuss them further.

4. Tommy immediately dismisses (and claims to have been in a physical fight with) Nazis and other extremists that would be inclined to support him. Indeed, he seems genuinely angry that those people would want to associate with his party. His denunciation of those people is far stronger than Mohammed’s denunciation of Muslim extremists.

There is an interesting effect in play here. Imagine for a moment if a large group of Englishmen moved to Saudi Arabia, segregated themselves into various islands of religious compatriots and preached Christianity in the streets. Imagine further that some of them took it upon themselves to behead random Muslims in the streets of Riyadh. Would the Arabs then debate the issue on a public TV show? Or would they simply exterminate the Englishmen, or at the very least, exile them from the country? Tommy is being rather gracious and merely suggesting that they stop the incoming tide of Muslims, and make it known that the immigrants should either integrate into the wider culture and become Englishmen, as it were, or leave.

There is nothing unreasonable about this. Multiculturalism and diversity are buzzwords that have infected Western thought for a long time. Now, do not misunderstand. Nobody is wishing Muslims any ill will. Nor is this somehow racist. There is no racism in saying “we have our country, and you have yours.” There is no racism in asking that if you immigrate to another, it’s probably because you didn’t like your old one, and perhaps you shouldn’t bring it with you.

But like it or not, this is the state of affairs in Britain and the rest of the Western world. If you preach against the twin evils of multiculturalism and diversity, you are a racist, and there is no debating that conclusion. Go one step further and suggest the people who don’t like the country they immigrated to might do better if they returned to their country of origin, or went someplace else, and you are denounced as a Nazi.

Even if we presume Tommy Robinson is a die-hard racist, since when did that become a crime, anyway? Yes, racism can result in some particularly brutal episodes in history. Yet, you can be as racist as you like in your own mind. It’s only when you act, when you kill someone, when you assault someone or when you steal from them that you’ve committed the real crime. So who is doing the real criminal activity in Britain? The (arguably) racist EDL demonstrators? Or the Muslim extremists who are out beheading Londoners in the street?

You decide.

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