It occurred to me when speaking with a friend that most political pundits and folks in the blogosphere don’t understand Donald Trump. They don’t get why he is appealing to many, how he consistently resists attack, and how even the National Review’s pull-all-the-stops assault failed to even make a dent in his ratings.

The reason is what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls antifragility. If you are not familiar with the term, it means exactly what it says on the tin, the opposite of fragility. Only this isn’t what most people think when asked what the opposite of fragility is. Most would say “strong.” But what is fragility? It is vulnerability, it is something that is lessened when struck with great force or chaos. Something that is strong would resist the strike. But something that is antifragile would gain with the strike.

And that’s the essence of Donald Trump’s entire campaign. The more you attack him, the more he gains. When the National Review runs an anti-Trump issue, they are benefiting him. When Megyn Kelly attacks him for his views on women and feminism, he gains from this. The more hate the media slings his way, the stronger he becomes.

So if you are against Trump, you are taking the wrong approach!

Something that is antifragile possesses the opposite weakness compared to something that is fragile. So instead of slinging attacks at Trump, who is not only going to gain from them, but who will also sling attacks back at you (see my last post on how he snatched Jeb Bush’s domain), your best bet would be to ignore him utterly.

That’s right. The media could easily destroy Trump by refusing to comment on him at all, by deliberately minimizing their coverage of his antics. Of course, in order to do this they would have to expose their own corruption, and also accept the loss to their own revenues this would naturally entail.

Love or Hate Mr. Trump, but he does have a tendency to boost ratings.

So what Trump has done is nothing short of brilliant. He has architected a scenario in which the media must cover him. And since they hate him, this coverage will manifest as an attack which, in turn, boosts his own rating.

Since I am aware of this, and many others are, also, you know that at least someone in the media must likewise understand it. This means that they have deliberately sacrificed their own Leftist principles in order to make a profit off of Mr. Trump’s notoriety. Yes, and the National Review, also.

I have deliberately excused myself from both the pro-Trump and the anti-Trump crowds for reasons I don’t care to explain yet. So I’m looking at this as objectively as one possibly can, under the circumstances. Personally, I think America is pretty much screwed no matter which way this election goes. But, point is, by attacking Trump, you are serving his interests. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t attack him.

Since he is antifragile, a lack of attention will starve him out, like a vampire deprived of human blood.

But, fellow conservatives, you need to learn from Trump, no matter how unpleasant you may find this. This is how you play the game when the other side has rigged it against you. You don’t supplicate. You don’t play defense. You don’t cave in. You deliberately  cultivate their attacks against you, and use their shrieking, shrill attacks as fuel for your campaign. This is what Republicans, for as long as I can remember, have failed to understand.

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