I have much to say on this later, but for now I have some quick thoughts:

First, rural white working class folks have been the butt of every joke for 30 years. The media calls them racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, etc… They are a basket of deplorables. Shit humans beings, they’d say, or not even considered to be fully human at all. Lena Dunham would call for their extinction, and nobody batted an eye. They were decried as rednecks and white trash. Their jobs were taken from them, their homes lost in the crash. Big corporations screwed them over, and if they managed to cobble together some money, the government came in to take its slice.

And last night, they gave the biggest middle finger to the media, the Establishment, and the whole caboodle… a fuck you so loud and resounding it was heard around the world.

And Leftists have only themselves to blame. The mask has come off, and the notion that the Left loves the Working Man has been revealed as blatant fiction.

For that matter, in my state Hispanics came out much more strongly for Trump than previously thought. Why? Because many of them are waking up to the fact that the Left is not their friend. He doubled Romney’s share of the black vote. All of these things were not predicted by the pollsters, whether because they made critical errors, or because of blatant wishful thinking.

I must apologize to my readers for being more pessimistic than, perhaps, I ought to have been.

We’re still in a decline. One night doesn’t change that. And I remain skeptical that Trump can turn it all around, for the rot goes deep. But we have a chance, and that’s something. One last chance to reverse the trend.

More to come.

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