As the political Left grows ever more bold, a great lie has made itself felt in political discourse: approval has been conflated with tolerance. And, correspondingly, disapproval has been confused with intolerance. Unless you give your wholehearted approval, your undiluted dedication, to the Cause of the Moment, you are labeled intolerant. No evidence is sufficient to dispel the charge, no apology is abject enough to forgive it, and long years will not wash it away. It is permanent and forever.

Nowhere is this philosophy more applied in modern discourse than the subject of homosexuality. Christians are labeled bigots and haters because many of them do not wish to celebrate the practice, nor to contribute to ceremonial trappings surrounding it. If invited to such things, many will decline, though some will not. Representatives of the church are usually expected to avoid engaging in the practice, though some churches have made exceptions. They are sinners, for their practice is a sin. But all of us are sinners, likewise, differing only in the sins we choose to commit.

Yet, in the pews of the church, homosexuals are made welcome. No church law prohibits them from coming, or from worshiping Christ with their fellows. Indeed, since Christians would regard them as afflicted with a peculiar sin, it is most important that they find Christ. Mark 2:17 explains for us:

When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Christ ministered most to those who needed it most, and so if we consider gays to be afflicted with a sin that is difficult or even impossible for them to break, it nonetheless behooves the Christian to minister to him, and to welcome him to Christ’s church. If Christians are supposed to hate gays so much, why would they welcome such people to their own spiritual home? There is no hate here.

Now, this is where SJWs and their ilk will say that we wish to make them self-loathing for their homosexuality. That we want them to hate themselves, and to make them deny their own nature. This is also false. There are sins that I commit frequently, though I won’t bore my readers with a long listing of my personal failings. Nonetheless, I know them to be wrong in the eyes of the Lord, and I repent of them. Yet, many times, I fail to find the strength of will to avoid repeating them.

Most people I know suffer this to some extent. Each of us has those areas in which we are weak. The point is not to deny this, or to hate yourself for doing them, but to understand that you are not perfect, that you are not Christ, and that you categorically will do wrong. From gluttony, to envy, to lust, and host of other sins, we all have failings. Every single one of us will fail, gays included.

No, Christianity does not single out homosexuality for special status in the roster of possible sins. Indeed, homosexuality didn’t even make the Ten Commandments. My frequent use of the Lord’s name in vain, a terrible habit I am trying to curb, is arguably worse. But if you wish to come to the church, and know Christ, and be Christian, then you must acknowledge that you do wrong. All Christians must do this. Homosexuals do not get a special exemption from this.

It is precisely that special exemption which the Social Justice folks have continually demanded. They demand that the Christian participate, under penalty of fine, lawsuit, loss of business, and other ills, in the ceremonies conducted on behalf of gays. To fail to do this, they say, is a form of hatred.

Is it? Is saying “I don’t want to be involved in your business” truly a form of hate?

But beyond that, this is, to the Christian, similar to cheating on your wife, then celebrating it Sunday morning at the church. Yes, many in the church pews may cheat. Some may be serial cheaters, even. There may even be those who practice open relationships, which may still be regarded as a corruption of marriage. Yet should the pastor get behind the pulpit and say that cheating is good, and we ought to celebrate the behavior? Does he preach marriages between one man and many women (or, for that matter, the opposite)? Does he, himself, engage openly in these things and recommend them to others?

No. There is a great difference between knowing that sins of lust are being committed by most people in the room, and celebrating those sins openly, even conducting ceremonies around them. Gays get no special treatment, nor any special condemnation, for this. Welcome to the club, we say, you are sinners too.

Homosexuality is tolerated by most Christians, insofar as they won’t hate you for it, nor expend undue effort to convert you from the behavior. There are even those who may attend your ceremonies, not so much out of Christian belief, but because of close friendship for reasons likely unrelated to your sex life. But the practice is not approved any more than having sex with your neighbor’s wife is approved.

Social Justice has a habit of putting everyone into only two categories: ally and enemy. If you are not one, then you must be the other. An intelligent individual knows that it is possible to be neither, or shades of either. I am probably more tolerant and accepting of homosexuality than most Christians, because of my natural libertarian instincts and because I have DJed for them for a long time, so I have befriended more than a few over the years.

But even I have no patience for those who come and demand that the church change its practices for them. Sorry, pal, I know it sucks, but you’re a sinner too. There are no special provisions for your sins, they are no better or worse than our own. You cannot remake us into your own image. If you wish to be Christian, then I welcome you. But this means accepting your own imperfections, just as I have accepted mine, and not attempting to spin yourself as free of sin. Don’t glorify your sins, or call us bigots when we don’t join you in such glorification.

This entryism is nothing more than a ruse to subvert the church itself, and to twist the message of Christ. It attempts to take advantage of a Christian’s natural inclinations toward peace and tolerance, and steer them into tolerating the destruction of the church, and the handing over of the reigns of power to arbiters of Social Justice, giving to them the power to determine what is good and what is evil, what is approved and what is not approved.

Christianity is not intolerant of homosexuality. It is intolerant of willful attempts to destroy the church.

I welcome gays into Christianity. I hope that more of them find Christ. I do not hate them, nor have I ever hated them. But I do not welcome SJWs, or any other subversive entryists. They attempt to usurp the role of Christ himself, and to take over his church, to dictate right and wrong as if they were the Son of God themselves. It is the same thing they do everywhere else, attempting to gain power and control, and gays are merely their political pawn in this quest. They have long used our general willingness to get along against us. They have weaponized empathy.

But they have forgotten what Christ did when he found the moneychangers profaning the Temple. Remember, Good is not always Nice. And tolerance of the intolerable is merely cowardice.

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