Not by a long shot. After seeing (on Raconteur Report) a picture of the Chinese army tanks massing at the border, I immediately opened a tab to Fox News – nada on the front page, buried on the Asia page.

I just started this post after seeing that the local news (Charlotte, NC) is showing Tips on How to De-Clutter Your Office – apparently, the very real likelihood that a lot of Hong Kong residents will die in the short term is NOT news.

So? It’s clear that the world is NOT watching, and the Chinese may freely stomp on Hong Kong to their heart’s content.

What can we do?

ONE thing we can do is to let it be known that we will NOT buy from companies with Chinese-manufatured products. Some alternatives for toys. The boycott doesn’t have to be total, just enough to cause a crappy Christmas for the Land of Self-Righteous Asians.

If you’re planning a computer buy, be aware that MOST of them are made in China – including Lenovo, notorious for spyware that is linked to the Chinese government.

Here’s a list of where computers are made (be aware, some companies may SELL them as an American company, but assemble them in China – Apple, for example).

Some companies still make them here (Dell), but the parts come from China, among other places.

What you CAN do is to install Linux as the operating system, taking back some control of your private info (although that depends on how securely it’s been installed).

A quick search here will bring up a list of alternatives. It’s still early for shopping and planning, so consider making it your first stop. Here is another source, although they are clear that full computers are NOT made here – they are assembled from parts made by foreign manufacturers.

More about computer hardware (the article is one year old).

Until I looked into the issue of Chinese manufacture, I hadn’t realized the penetration into the USA market – see here.

Consider calling, emailing, etc. your Senators, House Reps, and the White House – come to think of it, give the ol’ State Dept. a lil’ goose, as well. The State Dept link goes straight to their email system; note that one of the categories is Emergencies Abroad. If this anticipated invasion doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does. Maybe if they hear directly from the American Public, they won’t be so inclined to make nice with their Leftist associates abroad.

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