I’ve had a few questions pop on my Facebook wall and other places about where I think Europe is heading.

Fascists and Communists both use superficially legitimate angles to try and weasel into power. That’s why the ideologies seduce people. The Communist will say that the rich are stealing the wealth, which is often true, and the slob at the bottom of the economic totem pole feels the truth of that pinch. But is their solution better than the problem? Totalitarian control over the economy breeds more poverty than the theft perpetuated by the rich. The disease is painful, but the proposed medication is effectively a cyanide tablet.

A similar metric applies to nationalistic Fascists. They will have legitimate gripes about immigrants, refugees, or non-nationals. But then the solution they propose is worse than the problem. They figure exterminating them is the fix, and then applying ridiculous standards to the native population is good (i.e. you’re not blond enough, or something else stupid).

You can agree that the rich are stealing from people, and propose non-Communist measures to mitigate their excess. Note that the wealthy often use government as their cudgel, so limiting the power of government often limits the power of the wealthy at the same time, something Communists fail to understand. Most importantly here, you can agree that some immigrant groups are very high-risk, and should be carefully screened and limited in numbers without proposing genocide.

A failure to do these things leads to wealthy that are so ridiculously excessive that the reaction to them leads to the equally-evil opposite (i.e. totalitarian Communism). See Tsarist Russia for an example of that. A failure to screen and carefully consider immigration — especially from violent parts of the world — creates a backlash in the native population which leads to Fascist extremism.

Again, not listening to the voice of reason leads to extremism.

That’s what has happened to Europe and what’s still happening to America right now. They aren’t listening to the voice of reason that says that importing a bunch of people from violent parts of the world isn’t a good idea. They aren’t listening when we say attempting to tax the rich at 90% is going to cause trouble. They didn’t listen when we told them that the housing market was going to bust, or when the bailouts were a bad idea.

And they aren’t listening now when we say that allowing for mass Muslim immigration into Europe, and mass illegal immigration into America, is going to have fatal consequences for somebody. It’s going to lead to extremism. Hell, it already has on the part of the Muslims.

People, read this book, and come back to me with an answer. It’s free on your Kindle.

Caliphate, by Tom Kratman.


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