Rush Limbaugh referenced Melania Trump’s comment about a White House staffer, who subsequently was removed from her post.

It’s the basic idea that a man has to take a subservient role in domestic disputes – “Yes, Honey – I was wrong”. That’s a common belief among men, and one that is encouraged by women who want The Final Word at home.

I’ve been married nearly 45 years (this January 12 is that anniversary). I won’t claim that we haven’t had some difficult times – we moved, for example 17 times in the first 15 years. We had 3 kids in 4 years.

We’ve endured the deaths of ALL of our parents, and each of us has lost a brother before their time.

We don’t always agree – for the last 10 years, I’ve voted differently than my husband, supporting candidates that he despised.

We’ve had “discussions” about housework, bills, and laundry.

In short, just like everyone else.

What we HAVEN’T had is me “pulling rank”, and insisting that the discussion better end in me winning. I do NOT enforce the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” philosophy.

Are there times when one person in the marriage should have more weight in some decisions? Sure – if the women has greater responsibility for household tasks, her method of doing them should be followed.

If one has a greater financial responsibility for paying the bills (must donate a larger share to the communal pot), then that person’s decision on whether a purchase should be made, and upper limits on that purchase, should be final.

This just makes sense. But, no person should act with disregard for the other’s opinion. Proper respect should be shown for that input, even if it doesn’t sway the final decision.

Melania had endured friction with the offending staffer before – this was not a tantrum, nor a sudden decision. She’s not generally a difficult woman, nor a complainer. The person had over-ridden her desire to bring along a few of her staffers on a trip, and was rather rudely refused, and that staffer’s people took the trip instead.

That she felt strongly enough to bring the dispute to Donald’s attention, led him to act. That shows a lot of respect for her judgement, as well as sensitivity to her concerns. That’s NOT buckling down to the Wifey’s demands.

Hopefully, other staffers will get the point – don’t unnecessarily piss off the boss’s wife. Show respect, and don’t make unreasonable demands on her.

She may be generally quiet, but she carries a lot of clout. Trump did NOT cave into his wife’s demands, but rather, once the problem was brought to his attention, acted in support of her decision.

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