One more rant for the wind.

Turn on the television, read the newspaper, click through any mainstream media website, and you will see the same thing, repeated over and over again like a mantra. White Males.

Straight White Males.


If you believe in the ravings of the lunatics in the media, you will see that White Men are the worst of the worst, the sludge at the bottom of the evolutionary barrel. They are the arch-oppressors of history, the Lords in a world where all else were peasants or slaves. And today, they will tell you, it continues in the hallowed halls of Science Fiction, in the graphics of the latest Video Game and even in the bowels of the New York subway system where, God forbid, some of them rudely take up more space than, perhaps, they ought to.

Everyone else is a victim of these people. The oppressors are, naturally, never victims themselves. If a million Somalis come to Minnesota, it is diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, peace and love. If a million White guys moved to Somalia it would be Imperialism, conquest, war, cultural appropriate and hate.

So it is in Science Fiction, also. You can be anything, except a straight White Christian man. If you are not one, but you still believe that such men can and should rightly exist on this ball of dirt, you are an Uncle Tom, or you suffer from internalized misogyny, whatever.

It’s all bunk, it’s all a great big lie. They will speak of slavery, but not mention all the men who died to end the practice. They will speak of the Holocaust without tabulating all the Allied dead, scattered across Europe, to defeat the regime that perpetrated it.

They will speak as if White Christians have never suffered genocide. Really? My Armenian ancestors must have been wrong, then. What of Lebanon? What of the deaths of Iraqi Christians, cast out from their homes?

My grandfather gave me a book when I was a child, called “Exile.” It was about an Armenian woman, persecuted, raped and enslaved by Turkish Muslims. Her family was murdered. She was only spared because she was pretty enough to be utilized as an object in the harems and slave markets. It was a true story.

This was during World War I, far more recent than American slavery. Yet do we hear of it? Does anybody care? Do the Weasels of Social Justice even notice?

No. Because America is the Great Satan, a sentiment shared with the extremist Muslims of Iran and Palestine. Christianity is the horrible evil of history. Whites man is the Devil, and only in abject submission to the whims of the Weasels (see: John Scalzi) can penance be given.

The tiniest White male child, newborn in his mother’s arms, is stained with the sins of his ancestors. But all the good of his ancestors, all their great achievements and terrible sacrifices in the name of justice is counted for naught.

For a bunch of Atheists, they certainly believe in Original Sin well enough.

And so, to them, when an unrepentant White Man stands on the stage, recognized for his deeds, it is the greatest of all sins. It is blasphemy, heresy, all that is evil in the religion of Social Justice.

In the end, Social Justice and extremist Leftism is nothing more than Christianity, warped and twisted, bereft of hope, shorn of God and given over to the Prince of Lies. It is all of the worst, and none of the good.

The trolls of Tor, the PuppyKickers, the Anti-Gamergaters, the SJWs and Communists, are neither original, nor intelligent, nor tolerant, nor good. They are racists. They are sexists. They are haters. And it is codified in the Holy Books of their religion.

It is no wonder they find common cause with the worst movements of history, of Stalin, Pol Pot, Hezbollah and Mao. These are their prophets, and Marx is their Messiah. Hegel is their John the Baptist, and the horrors of the French Revolution their model for the blood sacrifice.

As the Christian symbol is the cross, so theirs ought to be the Guillotine.

Remember, whenever they complain of the White Male, all they are doing is calling you a Heretic, an Infidel. And, just as I am proud to be called such by extremist Islam, so am I proud to be known as such by the Weasels.

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