A quickie for today. A friend of mine writes the following at Cult State:

Importing massive amounts of cheaper immigrants, especially in export-heavy nations like Sweden and Germany, is a conceit that Europe must now follow the American/Ford model of labor arbitrage: Import labor to do that which is too complex to outsource, and then outsource the rest. In short, Europe is engaging in a variation of Gresham’s Law regarding labor: Hoard complexity, liquefy simplicity.


That means human organizations have a propensity to hoard those who can resolve complexity and expend those who are tasked to resolve simplicity.  The profits generated from cheap labor arbitrage will extend the politically popular (and expensive) socialist policies of human care that an export nation must provide to be competitive.


As gains in labor arbitrage occur, tax revenue increase, and stable bond issuance can increase to allow socialist nations to engage in production expansion. (Taxation being collateral) The loyal socialists who labored for years are replaced by a configuration of cheaper labor.  Their complaints and frustrations are dismissed as nothing more than racist reactions or tone deaf nationalism since the imported labor heralds from a variety of different races and/or nationalities.

This explains the Trump phenomenon very well. For as many Conservatives will tell you, Trump isn’t exactly a Conservative himself. He’s something different. Donald Trump is even considering some changes to the background checks conducted around gun purchases. It’s a sacred cow to many Conservatives, and will undoubtedly irk many. It’s not the sort of thing Republican candidates usually do on a whim. My friend Nicki is fond of describing Trump with, shall we say, colorful invective.

My own opinions on Trump notwithstanding, this illustrates that the preference cascade which flung Trump to the top of the GOP ticket is coming from a distinctly non-Conservative source. It starts to make a lot more sense when looked at from the angle of disillusioned Socialists, once True Believers in Leftism, now angry and feeling left behind.

As with GamerGate, the grassroots of this preference cascade are actually based in a sort of moderate Leftism, the kind of Honorable Leftists who actually believe in freedom of speech, even for people they don’t agree with. When they preach about diversity and equality, they genuinely believe it. And for this genuine, non-cynical belief, they were betrayed by their politically-minded SocJus counterparts.

Like the Left throwing gays under the bus in favor of Islam, they have jettisoned the white working class Americans in favor of cheap labor from Mexico. And so these people that were, once upon a time, Union-leaning moderate Socialists now suddenly find themselves cast off, like the Right-wing once was in the dim mists of history (read: before the 1960s). Not only are they politically betrayed, but many of them are out of work on top of it, watching their jobs be replaced with illegals, H1B holders, and otherwise.

They have shifted from globalism to nationalism.

Now, the Republicans have, for my lifetime anyway, been the party of nationalists. No, not the jingoistic, crazy, purify-the-race kind of nutball nationalists. But, rather, they have been the sort of “I love my country and my Constitution” nationalists that have supplied the ranks of the military, and protective agencies like policemen, firefighters, and paramedics. They were, in effective, positive nationalists, and their nationalism was not rooted in race so much as it was rooted in culture and acceptance of American values. Remember, this was the party that opposed slavery and Jim Crow.

But they became the enemy of the Globalists by default. The Globalists were merciless in their treatment of the Republicans:

The inevitable response to this automatic dismissal is populist nationalism.  To counter this evolution, the Americans have developed a very effective model in destroying populist nationalism when they engaged in their transition to global labor arbitrage back in the 1960s.  The American solution is that as long as those who benefit from the labor arbitrage (Fortune 500s, bond issuers, and Wall Street) are allowed to invest in and/or financially control media outlets, then nationalist impulses can be defused without unpopular and overt government heavy-handedness.  How?  In this setup, for-profit news and clickbait peddlers are driven by profit motive that undermines, waters down, harasses, lies about, and ultimately destroys countercultural nationalist upstarts.  This profit motive is very powerful and has achieved countless victories over the past ten years.

This is a pretty accurate description of how the media works in America, and how it has worked for pretty much as long as I’ve been alive. When opposition came to Obama, for instance, it was his race that was touted as the reason by popular media outlets. Republicans couldn’t be outraged over, say, the takeover by government over a massive chunk of the healthcare industry. No. It had to be the fact that Obama was half-black.

Pull the other one.

But this tactic worked well enough for awhile. Ronald Reagan was the first Republican who started to reach out to the disenfranchised working class voters who were growing disillusioned with the Left.

The Neo-Alexandrian world I had mentioned in 2008 to my friend is one in which nationalism becomes more profitable to the individual nation than continued participation in globalism.  This model will achieve initial gains and advantages for first movers, leaving the remaining globalist bloc to operate without their full support.  This will profoundly affect global trade and, in desperation, second-tier members of the globalist bloc will nationalize, triggering in a cascade of nationalization for the remaining members.  The military and technological advantage of superstates and national unions will diminish as intelligence gathering will be made more expensive due to the subsequent regionalizations of the Internet, depriving the NSA and GCHQ of their current advantage.  Hundreds of tribes will return and we will be living in a world in which only an Alexander can understand and make sense of.

This is what we’re really seeing with Trump, Brexit, and even in smaller secessionist movements like the Catalans and the Scottish. The financial incentives are starting to turn against Globalism. But the globalists themselves don’t want to let go of power. It seems they would rather destroy their own countries than give up an ounce of control.

People just want out. It’s not even a Left-Right thing anymore, for it’s hard to even call a man like Trump “Right-wing” in a traditional sense. But he is a nationalist. And that’s something America hasn’t seen for a long time. Even among the Brexit supporters I’ve seen on Twitter, many argue that money being paid to the EU could instead be used to prop up NHS. That’s hardly a Right-wing plank, even in Britain. But it is a nationalist plank.

Unlike many, I don’t see nationalism as being particularly bad on its own (when you combine with Socialism, you do get something fantastically nasty, though). Rather, I think that it can be a great positive. We have countries for a reason. Some people don’t get along with others. Some cultures and religions don’t like others. So sometimes it is best to keep to ourselves. That’s what having separate countries is all about.

But the challenge is that with Globalists trying desperately to hang on to power by demonizing their opponents in the media, positive, peaceful nationalists (who just want to vote “leave” or “build a damn wall please” — I consider myself one of these) are being swept aside by militant nationalists with more sinister agendas. And some of these are ex-Socialists. Europe was there once before… in the 1930s.

The Neo-Alexandrian world hangs on the edge of a knife.

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