This was a difficult piece to write. There is a vague sort of feeling that comes over most people born and raised in the West in the last few decades. It’s an irrational fear of not being accepted, of people not liking you for who you are. There was a time I felt it as strongly as anyone, when giving offense — even by accident — was a horrifying thought. This is a weapon in the hands of the would-be victims, always insinuating very subtly (for they could never do so openly) that if you cross a certain line in your public opinions, you will be ostracized and disliked.

Your acceptance in the grand community that is the declining western world will be revoked, and you will find yourself left to your own devices. You might be told you are starting to sound like a tea partier, or perhaps someone will suggest something you said has “overtones.” The latter is a key warning that you are about to depart from the crowd’s acceptance of you. You might be accused of getting your news from Fox or failing to consider the spirit of the Earth. This carries consequences. I’ve lost a number of friends, or perhaps like Ronald Reagan said of the Democrat party, they lost me. There will be more, of course, as my philosophy is codified and expanded upon here.

Observations can be made on a macro scale, as well. The Republican party is filled with supposed firebrands who suddenly retreat upon even mild criticism, or the insinuation that “overtones” of some -ism or another are present. The only ones still making noise are the usual AM talk show hosts, who make a great deal of money from being hated by over 50% of America and a fair chunk of the rest of the planet. Infamy can, on occasion, be its own reward.

Make no mistake, however, that is what is in store for you. You will be ostracized by many, outright hated by some, cast out from the gamma warren and left to fend for yourself. But when did we become afraid of being disliked? Could you imagine a Roman legionnaire quaking in his boots at the thought of someone not liking him? Can you imagine a viking warrior’s blade turned aside by political opposition? When the Pope disapproved of Galileo’s teachings on heliocentrism, Galileo insulted the Pope. Today, we get facebookers whining about cyber-bullying instead, as if the application somehow wasn’t equipped with a “delete” button for mouthy “friends.”

This isn’t just an individual problem. America flies off to various third-world toilets, waging war to win the hearts and minds of the locals. Think about the absurdity of this for a moment. Greece, when pressured by slightly less insolvent German bankers to actually structure some kind of plan to reduce their spending or forgo another round of rescue money, calls the Germans Nazis. And worse, this actually caused Germany pause in their hard line stance against insane Greek spending. British politicians fear being called racists when dealing with expanding Islamic ghettos in their major cities

Don’t be afraid of being disliked. This fear puts power in the hands of the person who hates you. They can manipulate you based on your need for acceptance. Indeed, this may be the West’s single greatest weakness. It’s a fundamental undercurrent everywhere, from oversensitive HR departments empowering people who are easily offended to entire nations engaging in suicidal behaviors to please immigrants from third-world hellholes. Shame is heaped upon anyone who would stand up against this lunacy.

For a long time, I have been ranting against tribalism. Yet, tribalism is a natural outgrowth of identity politics and this deep, yearning need to be accepted. Today, folks discuss acceptance as if it were always a societal Holy Grail. All around you will see crude pictures plastered with slogans and quotes. You would think cyber bullying was worse than Afghanistan, judging by the memes and facebook walls of the world. But to those who fear dislike more than death perhaps it is. According to the dislike-fearful, you should accept curvy girls and skinny girls, smart people and dumb people, strong people and weak people. You should accept them at their best and their worst. You should love them and provide them with attention and support no matter what things they have done. Unless, of course, they express opinions that are against the whims of the mob. Then it’s okay to denounce the offender as a racist tea party member.

Marilyn Monroe famously said this, something frequently plastered on facebook walls in defense of poor decision-making:

“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Because that’s exactly what the world needs, more bad advice from an insane actress who died of a drug overdose.

This is all lunacy, especially the cyber bullying bit. Consider that the average computer user has far more power over his social connections than anyone in the history of the planet. You can literally delete anyone from your life who bothers you, and obtain new friends at the drop of a hat. But somehow people remain hung up on those who don’t like them, letting their lives be defined by people who don’t care for them at all. You don’t need a support group or some kind of special tribal acceptance to escape this. That provides temporary relief in the way a crack user might turn to another drug, it solves nothing.

The solution is simple. Many people are going to dislike you. They are going to hate you. And the only kind of acceptance available to you is accepting that fact and moving on with your life. There is nothing to fear in it. Don’t invest in those not willing to invest in you. That quote is mine, by the way (and it applies to both nations and individuals). If I find it on a facebook wall plastered to some pithy meme graphic, I will find you and beat you to death with it.

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