Roughly contemporaneously with the establishment of our once-proud Republic, Edward Gibbon penned his magnum opus, a grand work that occupied much of his life. Much of that voluminous affair was crude and ineffectual from our modern standpoint. Yet he will forever remain the first to make that grand attempt to discover the underlying reasons why the greatest of all ancient empires disappeared from the face of the Earth forever.

That such a work was composed during the rise of the American Experiment is, perhaps, a historical irony.

All of my life I have sensed the decline of my own country, its fall from the present, the slow slide into irrelevancy soon experienced by all great nations. Each day, the country seemed just slightly less than it had been the day before. It was not a thing measured in statistics and economic indicators, though they too often show the same. No. It can be seen in the streets of any major city, it can be seen in the decaying structures of the country, the abandoned factories, the great skyscrapers half-full, the rotting homes in subdivisions once filled with the laughing of children.

I remember when race relations were better than they are today, when though there was some animosity between blacks and whites, things were nonetheless a far cry from the division we face today. In those days, we were all Americans. I think my first indication that the racial train was coming off the rails was the riots in Los Angeles. I lived in California during much of my childhood, my father being in the military and all, and I saw the decay that began there. When I was born, California was the beautiful state bathed in eternal sun. There were surfers and moviestars, beautiful homes and quiet suburbs. It was a quintessentially Republican state in those days, a far cry from what it is today.

So in my mind, though likely not in fact, that decline began in Southern California, late in the 1980s. Some kind of malaise had infected the state. The roads crumbled, and the trash piled up along the oil-mixed brim on the side of the freeways. Dysfunction crept into everything, from Valley Girl vapidness to Compton’s home as the capital of the criminals-turned-rap-stars. Illegals were everywhere, as the first signs were posted on the freeways showing families running across the I-5 corridor. Watch out, they told us, you might run over a little girl running across 22 lanes of freeway at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Movies of the period show us this declining phase from what was, perhaps, the most beautiful and robust state in the entire Union. Watch this scene from Falling Down and see if you can’t feel it:

California felt like this in the late 80s, and still felt that way when I left for good in 2004. I would never go back there.

But the decline was not confined to California. It follows you wherever you go, you only gain, perhaps, a temporary respite while the malaise catches up with you. Central Florida is starting to feel as LA did 30 years ago. Yes, the sun is shining, and the weather is beautiful. The cruise ships and the tourists come and go. Suburbia crawls forward into the rural zones.

But behind that wave, a festering wound is opening. Ethnic violence, self-segregated ghettos, the expansion of the welfare state, and a sense that no neighborhood is safe for more than a couple decades. And as it ate California, and turned it from a solidly Conservative state to something approximating the Third World in places, so now is it eating my new home.

It even creeps forward in that great bastion of freedom: Texas. Oh yes, Texas remains safe for the GOP, but each year the margins thin a little, and the hovering guillotine of amnesty threatens to permanently shift the demographics of the state.

When Texas goes, there will be no possible way to halt the decline even supposing such a path remains to us today.

Donald Trump tells us to Make America Great Again. I’m not sure it’s possible, for the rot is so ubiquitous, so omnipresent, that the people often fail to notice it’s there at all. They have, like the frog in the pot, become accustomed to the dysfunction and malaise spreading forth like a cancer from most major cities.

The corruption of Hillary Clinton, having reached stratospheric levels even LBJ and Nixon could never have hoped to imagine is par for the course in modern America. It hurts her a little, but not much, and perhaps not enough to keep her from the Oval Office.

It’s unclear that a Donald Trump presidency could conceivably slow this decline, much less reverse it. But it is on us to try anyway. You go to battle with the army you have, not the army you wish for.

I look back on California before the toxic malaise spread as a sort of dream from which I was awakened. It will never be again. That place is destroyed, and what took up the same name was but a cruel mockery of the original. Los Angeles has more in common with Mexico City, now, than any American city, perhaps.

The elites, of course, maintain their islands of prosperity, fastidiously guarded by fences, walls, and guys with guns. All things, I should note, that they claim won’t work on our southern border.

And so I returned to the South, where my family had originated… only to watch it slide slowly into the same cesspit. Do you understand how profoundly depressing this can be? Not for myself, mind you, but for my son, who will almost certainly live in a far more hostile world than I did.

Lena Dunham gleefully extols the extinction of people like me, and she is far from the only one. Yet it is I, and those like me, who wear the labels racist, sexist, et. al. I have never in my life called for the extinction of an entire people, and she has. Yet it is I who plays the part of the villain in this story.

Hillary Clinton’s people can, quite literally, casually conduct Satanic rituals, and not an eyebrow is raised. Not a single critical thought is expressed, nor word spoken against it. Yes, they have their rights, same as I do. And yet here it is that in this day and age, the Christian is the villain, and the worshipers of… whatever it was they were doing, are given praise and attention from celebrities and world leaders around the globe.

If you think this is almost too weird to be true, consider that Anthony Weiner, a pedophile who sticks his… wiener in the wrong places may have torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s campaign (we’ll see if the new Comey ruling will save her, I have doubts) in the same year the Libertarian candidate is running under the slogan “feel the Johnson” and a major Republican primary topic was, apparently, the size of Donald Trump’s penis.

Look back objectively in your mind. Go back to previous elections and see if you can spot the trend, the slow debasement of national politics, a subject never exactly in the highest regard, but to which we have bravely sought new roads in our never-ending quest to find the intellectual bottom.

Hope and Change brought us none of the above. Eight more years of this may be the very end.

Who shall write The History of the Decline and Fall of the United States of America?

Some of my readers have explained to me that the rural areas in the flyover states are still good places, with good people, a real piece of old America-that-was. I believe them. But now let me tell you this: the rot won’t stop here. It will continue forth. It will come and destroy your homes even as it has destroyed one of mine, and seeks to annihilate the other.

As bad as Hillary Clinton is today, somebody worse will come after her, and someone even less moral and less competent will follow that individual. Honorius tended to his chickens as the Visigoths sacked Rome. What will Hillary do? Attend Spirit Cooking sessions with Podesta and chant to Bahomet about how it was totally unfair that Trump made her work for victory?

The flyover states and rural enclaves are all that’s left of the America I once knew. And even they will soon find themselves mired in the same quagmire of regulatory nonsense and mass unrestricted demographic replacement the cities and suburbs now suffer under.

Lena Dunham admitted a truth in her video: they don’t want us subjugated, or our empire shorn from underneath us. They want us exterminated, to preclude any possible survival of our ideals. They want Western Civilization annihilated forever, replaced by a monopolitical force, with no borders except those between elites and plebeians. There is to be nothing in between.

Los Angles will be writ large upon the country. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. I had a place to go back then. But where will you go when the disease reaches your environs? The time is fast coming when we will all be backed against a wall, and the only choice is fighting or dying, or perhaps both.

Ann Coulter will tell you that it is mass immigration that is to blame. Many Conservatives will tell you it is economics and the perpetual drive toward Socialism. Many Trumpites speak of Globalism and the drive to world government.  Zero Hedge will speak of the Deep State. Many tell us of the dangers of Islam. And the Lena Dunhams will speak of racial extermination and replacement.

The truth is something like all of the above, to varying degrees. Like any form of warfare, there are multiple angles of attack, a sort of combined arms theory for politics. Any method will do for the elites, so long as the America, and indeed the Western civilization, we all know is buried forever.

I don’t know if we can even salvage what’s left of this country… much less make it great again. I’m not sure if the army we have is sufficient for the job. All I know is, if we don’t try, we lose.

Vote Donald Trump for President, even if you hate his guts. Like it or not, it may be our last chance to salvage this country.

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