SJWs are probably cheering with joy, jumping up and down that they have finally scored a victory in the Culture Wars. They have bent Twitter to their will, and had the likes of Anita Sarkeesian appointed as high and mighty Czars of political correctness.

The Exodus has begun:


I have a lot of respect for this man. Sad to see him leave.

He’s not the only one, though. The shadowbanning that began recently has come to include my own ecosystem. My Twitter traffic has slowed to a crawl. Certainly, my own feed has started to look rather bare, as most of the people I follow are on the wrong side of the political correctness debate. I didn’t see Daddy Warpig’s tweets for weeks before this announcement was made. They have effectively destroyed the #GamerGate groups and a good portion of the Conservative and Libertarian networks on Twitter.

I may leave soon, also. There’s little point in Tweeting to the empty air.

SJWs don’t have a clue what they’ve actually done, however. Twitter’s core draw was that it was a place where vitriol and “hate speech” could be freely exchanged. Insults drove it and nourished it. You could tell Kim Kardashian that she had the IQ of a toilet seat in Tijuana, and there was a good chance it would actually reach her. Opposing sides in ideological conflicts created chains so long and obnoxious that people would actually asked to be removed from tagging. That doesn’t even happen on most bulletin boards.

Without that traffic, Twitter will wither and die. SJWs only succeeded in destroying the platform. This is what they do. They go into an organization, a platform, whatever… and they deconstruct it. They dig under the foundations until whatever it is collapses. They can only destroy, they cannot create. The SFWA (and the Hugos) was rendered into an impotent echo chamber (see: Tumblr) by them. They have destroyed numerous OSS projects. They ruin science. And, now, they have destroyed Twitter. Like MySpace, it will soon vanish into the ether.

But meanwhile, I have followed Daddy Warpig’s blog. And my blog continues to exist, and that of many others I conversed and interacted with on Twitter.

And these blogs belong to us. There is nothing to deconstruct, SJWs. They are invulnerable. You have forced us to move from a position that was hard to defend, to one that is completely independent of your control, and then you nuked your own position. Congratulations.

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