Normally, you’ll find that I don’t care much for France, or the French. The fact remains that in recent years they have always been one of the weaker links in the chain of Western civilization. It’s a case of too much Nicholas Sarkozy and too little Charles Martel. Prior to World War II, they were waffling on fascism themselves. They did little to prevent their neighbors, Spain and Italy, from falling into the same. During the war, the conflict between the French Resistance and the Vichy France regime took on the character of a Civil War. Where Britain, at the last possible moment, discovered competence and national resolve, the French failed to do so.

France was perfectly happy to hide behind NATO and the United States during the Cold War and, in the World War that rages today, between the West and Islam, France has waffled, leading the charge to let in as many Muslims as possible. Angela Merkel may have resolved to catch up to France, but so far, France leads the charge, as they have in the past, to civilizational surrender.

All that being said, the attack upon Paris is nonetheless a great tragedy. It was avoidable, to be sure, as one of the attackers was found with a Syrian passport. He had, apparently, passed through Greece in the recent tidal wave of immigration.

I’ve spoken at length about this. Officials from Jordan even took it upon themselves to warn us of this possibility. Nobody was listening, it seems. ISIS told us, point-blank, that they were seeding the refugees with fighters. 70% of the immigrants were military-age men. There were red flags and warnings all over, and they were ignored.

And so, here we are.

Photographs of children dying, drowned on the beach, were used to move us. Weaponized Empathy was deployed in the service of bringing as many Muslims as possible to the West.

Why are we so vulnerable to this tactic? Having empathy for fellow human beings is good and well, and a part of being civilized. At the same time, understanding that it is not carte blanche is important here.

I’ve been accused of being racist against Middle Eastern peoples. This is lunacy. I am of Middle Eastern descent myself. I am not self-loathing, as many of my SJW enemies appear to be. I’ve been accused of hating Islam. That’s closer to the truth, but even then, I loathe the ideology not the common people, which is a distinction that must be made.

But even if I do not hate the common Muslim man, neither do I wish to allow him into my country. Why? Because a significant fraction of his compatriots are threats, and there is no way short of mind-reading to determine who is good and righteous, and who is evil. The proportion of Muslims who support terrorism and wish to force the rest of the world to convert to Islam or die is too great.

I was reading the other day that 45% of American Muslims desire Sharia Law, and prefer it to Constitutional Law. You might say “but Dystopic, what about the 55% majority who don’t?” Well, good for them. Is the advantage of having that 55% worth the cost of having 45% who are actively disloyal to the Constitution of the United States? I do not view diversity as a good. At best, it is neutral, neither here nor there, as they’d say. At worst, it is as Vox Day is fond of saying: Diversity + Proximity = War.

So diversity alone is not justification for importing Muslims, and it certainly does not justify the risk to the people already here.

You might say, well so far only two of the refugees are confirmed terrorists (there are actually more, but more on that later). Well, good for them. Why import people when you know for a fact that some of them are, in effect, waging WAR against you? The empathy is misplaced. People welcome the invaders with open arms, welcoming their own doom.

They value Muslim migrants more than their own kin. There is an argument made that failing to offer equality, or equivalence, between those who are closer to you ideologically, religiously, culturally, and ethnically, and those who are distant from you, is a quasi-criminal act. In other words, you are supposed to value equally the distant Zulu tribesman you’ve never met and your WASP neighbor who you’ve been friend with for 20 years. But this goes counter to human nature, generally, where there is a tendency to value those who are your kin in various respects over those who are not.

This need not become malevolent, as in a genocidal fascist regime. A minor preference for those who are like you is natural, and tends to cancel itself out anyway, because everybody else does it too. It doesn’t always work to your benefit.

Even so, the forced equality of the Progressives wasn’t enough for them. Because, they knew deep down, that people still had preferences. All things being equal, Christians had a mild preference for the company of other Christians. Blacks preferred the company of other Blacks to greater or lesser degree. Conservatives would rather hang out with each other than attend a Liberal fundraiser. Etc, etc… Crimethink, in other words, was still being practiced.

And so Social Justice demanded favorable treatment for non-kin. In essence, this meant deliberately favoring the out-group over the in-group. When a member of the out-group kills a member of the in-group, it isn’t murder (which they define as power + privilege + killing), it’s just a killing. Meanwhile, a member of the “privileged” group even looking at a woman might be “stare rape.” In the eyes of Social Justice, then, this isn’t even a terrorist attack, per se. It’s marginalized people of color striking back at the Privileged White Establishment. We made fun of their prophet, so they get to kill us.

I imagine this is very confusing for Muslims in general. It took them awhile to catch on to this phenomenon. But, once they did, they took maximum advantage of it. The Palestinians have been playing this game for decades now. Attack Israel (the equivalent of poking the bear), then play victim when Israel drops the hammer on them. If Israel really wanted to do it, they could annihilate every Palestinian in a matter of weeks.

But Israel doesn’t do it, and they are one of the most unashamedly ethnic-centered states in existence right now.

The West cannot be defeated through conventional arms, through state vs. state action, for it has absolutely mastered that style of warfare to such an extent even the Russians, the challenger in this arena, were hesitant to engage them. So, Fourth Generation warfare provided the solution: winning with the Moral High Ground.

The Social Justice Warriors are a fifth column in America, deliberately conspiring to bring down their own civilization. And their purpose is to bring as many people as possible who are hostile to their culture and civilization.

Let me repeat: the Social Justice Warriors WANT more terrorist attacks. They want more dead bodies. They want to kill Western Civilization entirely.

Islam also desires this, and so a tacit alliance of sort has revealed itself. Progressives in power conspire to bring in as many militant Muslims as possible, and the militant Muslims kill as many people as possible, wherever they think they can get away with it.

Of course, if Islam achieves ascendancy in the West, they will kill the Social Justice Warriors, as well, but as Yuri Bezmenov explained to us long ago, that’s a given anyway. Even if the Socialist Utopia they advocate were to come about instead of the Caliphate, the Socialists would kill the intellectuals as a matter of course.

Some of them, I imagine, know this deep down. They are self-loathing.

In effect, we have put the crazies who slit their own wrists in charge of our civilization, and then wonder why they keep importing crazies who want to kill us. They are suicidal, and want to take us with them.

Weaponized Empathy is the sword in their hands. See? Look at this dead child? Now, let in millions of military-age men who will kill the children of your cultural kin.

I’m not sure in what universe this makes sense, but there it is.

Are you afraid of being called a racist? A sexist? An Islamophobe? This is their club to beat you over the head with. It’s strange seeing people who I know are willing to die in the service of freedom caving because Progressives call them names. Yet it happens.

At this point, it is best to follow Francis Porretto’s advice and let them call you whatever they like.

In this way, I prefer the French, even though they waffle, and have been at the spearhead of this international Progressive movement, to the Islamics. They are Western cultural kin, even if they are the ugly step-child of the family.

More importantly, we must learn from their mistakes. I’ve already said that Europe now faces the most unpleasant of choices: Jackboots or Submission to Islam. America is fast-approaching the time when it must face a similar choice: Jackboots or National Suicide.

We must head off that conflict now, while there is still time. This is what must be done:

  1. Build a wall on all land borders. Defend the wall.
  2. Deport all illegal immigrants.
  3. Freeze all immigration from Muslim countries.
  4. Disallow the immigration of any Muslim from any country whatsoever.
  5. End the ‘anchor baby’ birthright citizenship phenomenon.
  6. Any Muslim caught preaching terrorism or support of terrorism must be deported immediately.
  7. Any Muslim who cannot declare unwavering loyalty to the Constitution of the United States (note: not the government) must have citizenship revoked. Stomping on the flag, burning, chanting anti-American slogans, etc… will be accepted as prima facie evidence of disloyalty. Deport to the Muslim country of their choice.
  8. Those Muslims that remain will be encouraged to assimilate and/or convert to a non-hostile faith with all possible social pressure. Personally, I suggest the Ba’hai faith for them if Christianity is unpalatable, as it may be regarded as a genuinely peaceful development of Islam which still accepts the prophethood of Mohammed. But pretty much anything non-Muslim will do.
  9. End all H1b Visa programs with regards to Muslim countries and those of Muslim faith.
  10. Severely restrict the Visas of any Muslim, allowing only limited, thoroughly vetted, individuals who are on specific business. I.e. diplomats, corporate representatives, etc…
  11. Do NOT “colonize” or otherwise occupy Muslim countries. Leave them alone if they leave us alone.
  12. If they do NOT leave us alone, kill their leaders, bomb their religious sites and depose their governments, then leave, don’t stay trying to build a secular Western-style democracy. They don’t want one. They don’t want us there. Punish the guilty and go. Do that once or twice, and even the most militant of Muslims will get the idea.

Following that plan will likely work for America. For Europe, it is far too late for that, there are too many Muslims there. Tom Kratman warned us in his book Caliphate, that Europe would eventually have to make this unpleasant decision.

It will come to genocide or submission there. Mark my words, the next few decades will see the fruits of Progressivism laid bare for what they are. This will be a warning to future generations that Weaponized Empathy is as dangerous as any bomb or invading army.

You defy human nature and notions of kinship at your own peril.

The French, unfortunately, had to learn the lesson of this through blood. And there will be more blood. The streets will run red, and the camps and ovens of World War II may see a revival. Whose ashes fall from the sky will be their choice.

I want my readers to know that, as I contemplate these matters, I feel a profound sadness. I remember reading books about the Holocaust when I was a child. And, of course, books about the Armenian genocide conducted against my own relatives.

I often wondered how things got so bad that people chose genocide over any other option, how people justified such evil in their minds. How could any non-psychopath sleep at night doing such deeds? How could a guard at a concentration camp go to his barracks at night, sleep, wake, eat breakfast, and then go on killing people like it was just another 9-5 job?

This is how. Progressives, we kept warning you, pleading you, begging you not to do this, not to open our borders like a sieve. Because we understand human nature. We knew where this was going to end up.

Multiculturalism is a disease. And if you do not seek peaceful forms of treatment, by defending your borders and avoiding substantial immigration from hostile countries and religions, you bring the disease to your shores. Even so, treatment at first is not very expensive. Cultural Assimilation can and does work for small numbers, and those who are relatively close to your cultural values already.

But mass migration is invasion. And Progressives discourage cultural assimilation, because they hate their own culture. They also prevent reverse assimilation (i.e. existing Americans assimilating in to the immigrant identities). They call THAT cultural appropriation. So there can be NO evening out or blending of the cultures.

They don’t want more defenders of Western Civilization. They don’t want another Thomas Sowell, they want more Al Sharptons. They don’t want people like my Armenian family. They want welfare recipients, junkies, drug dealers, leeches, mooches and people with axes to grind. Why? Because they want to slit the culture’s wrists, and those people are the blade.

And Weaponized Empathy is how they get the blade past security.

They want immigrants who think the American flag is a symbol of hate.

Paris, France. Coming soon (again) to an American city near you. Coming much sooner to Europe.

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