We have 7 days left until Election Day. Initially, the Left smugly spoke of a Blue Wave that would bring down Trump. Lately, they’ve taken to minimizing expectations. I always mistrust Leftist claims, press releases, and statements, as they are so often at variance with the truth.

But, this time, at least, we may be permitted to be cautiously optimistic. Cold Fury has some detail about this.

Rush is trying to keep it real, pointing out that Republicans have 45 people who are not coming back. Those seats will lose the incumbent advantage.

Me, I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath. The Dems are known for sneaky political dirty tricks at the last minute, not to mention they are the Masters of Ballot-Stuffing on Election Day.

But, yeah. I think most voters are looking at the “bombings” and other smears in the news, and saying – that boy has cried wolf too often. The sad thing is, at the end of the story, the boy gets eaten by the wolf. Just so, the late-season smears may have SOME validity. But, like the fed-up townspeople, we aren’t listening to the screams anymore.


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