There was a time when media was not so openly partisan. There was a time when journalists prided themselves on objective reporting of the news. I know that many, even in that time, were – behind-the-scenes – passively or actively pulling for one side or the other.

However, there was a spectrum of opinion/loyalties that was broader; that breadth helped keep open propagandizing somewhat in check.

Not so today. The reduced budgets, coupled with lazy “professionals” who won’t bestir themselves to go out into the field and investigate for themselves, have led to today’s “news”, where foreign advocates for one side sell their staged photos, along with the “official” story, to bureaus that peddle their work as unbiased fact.

The propaganda that is talked about HERE is just one more example of why most of us have turned to alternative media sources. They may also have bias, but it is openly admitted.

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