The SJWs who were threatening me seem to have declined to press further. Perhaps it was the showing of support here and on other outlets that were attacked recently. And I am very appreciative of that. Or maybe the guy(s) chickened out and didn’t want to make the leap to meatspace. Probably a wise choice considering that us Right-wingers have a reputation for being armed.

Or maybe someone brought the fight to him. I’d like to think that was the reason, because karma.

Anyway, there are some lessons learned here.

First off, don’t delete your stuff when threatened by them. This will embolden them. We need to stop these people, not encourage them.

Second, I can confirm that the “hate speech” campaigns on Social Media won’t apply to you if you are known to be Right-wing. Facebook declared that the SJW did nothing wrong, despite mentioning explicit threats and personal names/information. If a Right-winger did it, it would have been removed immediately. If a Right-winger even tells the wrong Progressive that they are “woefully misinformed” they are suspended. The bias is real. My own case confirms it. Social Media is controlled by the SJWs. You will get no help or support from that avenue. Indeed, I highly suspect Facebook is helping this particular guy and his compatriots.

Third, as others have stated, go anonymous if you can. Have no connection between your Social Media data and your comments/blogs/posts. For instance, I have a sidebar with my Twitter account on the right. Don’t do that. It’s too late for me on this . But if they haven’t come after you, now is the time look into this. Do not let them track you across platforms. Maintain discipline on this. Use random names with no ties to anything. I thought to link some of my accounts because it allowed certain kinds of cross-postings. And I did not fully anonymize myself. It helped generate some cross-traffic, but it also turned around and bit me in the ass.

When some other bloggers and public figures on the Right suggested doing these things, I scoffed. It wouldn’t happen to me, I thought. I figured the odds were very low. And SJWs make up personal attacks all the time (notably, Brianna Wu has been caught threatening herself for attention repeatedly), so I figured at least some were bullshitting. Well, I learned the hard way. The Thought Police exist, and they are perfectly willing to bother regular folks.

But SJWs are still cowards, in the end. They criticize Right-wingers who go anon, but attack us from anon accounts themselves. They are hypocrites and liars.

Anyway, when all is said and done, I just wanted to say thank you to my readers, and folks I didn’t even know showing up to help me with advice and support on how to deal with it. I’m not a public figure, and my blog is a small one. It’s not something I expected to deal with. I hope my example can be a lesson for others.

But above all else DO NOT BE SILENCED. That’s what they want.


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