Three ideas for a Space Opera novel, written up as summaries. Which, if any, intrigue you?


The Artaxian Empire had long been in decline, its outer provinces left to their own devices as Imperial authority waned across the galactic east. The governors of Lythia, the most prosperous of the outer provinces, fortified their domain and built a viable kingdom from the wreckage left by the Artaxians, turning their backs on the Imperial administration.

That is, until a brutally savaged Imperial courier arrived bearing terrifying news of a new invader, one that frightened even the Artaxian Emperor himself. Now the young scion of the House of Lythia must embark on a journey through the dying Empire, uniting factions of breakaway provinces, kingdoms, and barbarian pirates in an effort to turn back an enemy bent not on conquest, but on extermination.


As humanity traveled across the stars, spearheaded by merchant princes and adventurous traders, it was soon discovered that humans had been there before. Wreckage of great human civilizations was discovered on planet after planet, scarred terribly and scoured of all life in impossibly ancient conflicts.

Now, the fractious lot of interstellar traders, each vying for market supremacy, must band together to discover the identity of the ancient attackers and devise a defense against them. For already, distant comm stations have recorded desperate distress calls from the frontier.

The enemy has returned.


In the final years of the 21st century, mankind had finally unlocked the secret of faster-than-light travel, using a system of gates to open transit corridors across space-time. Robotic vessels crossed the depths of space to promising new planets, installing gates accessible from Earth.

Despite EarthGov’s insistence that the technology was perfectly safe, Chester Mansfield had never been comfortable with corridor travel. It was like an ancient telephone line, in that you never knew who else might be listening. Many had insisted he was a crank, a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

And then the first alien ships began pouring out of the Earth gate.

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