Humanity is reaching a weird sort of nexus point. We have the capacity to render our species extinct, and the costs in terms of labor and intellectual capacity required continue to decline. There will be a point at which a small number of people could, in theory, destroy the whole species. When that time comes, I fully expect the trigger man to be of a certain, oft-mentioned religious persuasion.

In the meantime, expect terrorist and extra-state entities to increase their attacks, and one up one another in terms of violence, evil, and body count. Iron age philosophy + high technology = corpses piled on top of one another. Even if Islam is defeated and cordoned off, quarantined from the rest of the planet, they are not the only group of people espousing radical kill-them-all ideology. Africa is full of people dedicated to this belief system, and not all of them are necessarily Muslim. Petty tyrants and genocidal warlords are a dime a dozen on the African continent.

Add to this the increasing resistance of disease (especially bacterial disease) to treatment and we have the possibility that mother nature may do the job if, for whatever reason, humans fail to do so.

Space is the solution. Humanity is vulnerable to a single extinction-level event so long as it resides on one planet. Humanity spread to the stars is nearly invulnerable.

Otherwise, the possibility that someone, or some thing, will render humanity extinct one day approaches unity.

But, go along about your business, Leftists, and muse about how blind girls depositing the fecal matter from their guide dogs is, somehow, indicative of the evils of White Racism. The Emperor has no clothes. He hasn’t for as long as I’ve been alive. It’s debatable whether or not he even knows what clothes are.

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