I’ve been wandering around – hither and yon – always wanted to write that – and decided to throw in a hodge-podge of news/thoughts/opinions to offload them from the back of my brain.

In short, a Brain Dump.

In no special order:

  • From Raconteur Report, a film you really will want to watch. Peter Jackson is amazing – the LOTR trilogy would have been sufficient to secure his place in film history, but he also produced – WITH HIS SERVICES FOR FREE – They Shall Not Grow Old. The story of WWI, from the viewpoint of Tommy – generic term for British soldiers.
  • Crusius, the Dayton shooter, has his Profile on MyLife changed from Democrat to Republican – and also adds a lot of other “info” that smears Deplorables. Funny how that “just happens”. What’s that Russian word for Disinformation?
  • More social media from the Dayton shooter.
  • Scary – Ebola crosses into Rwanda, that country closes its border – kind of. What they are doing is checking those wanting to cross for fever. But, apparently, fever doesn’t show up in many that are infected with Ebola, until it is too late. The African countries aren’t stupid – eventually, the countries bordering outbreaks will throw up a quarantine around affected neighbors. See the map showing distribution areas below (original at link):
  • And, Ebola is not the only problem disease around. Europe has its own superbug. Graphic of deaths below from caarbapenum-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae; that antibiotic is basically the last defense against many diseases.
    • The more people with weakened immunity systems that are around, the more antibiotics will be overused. That’s a major problem when 1st-World countries get overrun with unchecked immigration – the kind we’re facing at our border.
    • They come in with diseases that are already resistant to treatment. Often, they are minimally compliant with directions to use the medicine for the entire period needed to ensure eradication. That’s a common problem with diseases needing prolonged time periods to completely cure them, such as TB (here’s what the CDC has to say about it, and, remember, they are probably minimizing the risk).
    • Muslim women often don’t see doctors for illness, as their culture may prohibit examination by men. That’s a lot of people who may potentially harbor some downright nasty stuff.
  • Apple Owners – you (and I – I have an Apple phone, 2 IPads, and a Macbook) – need to have a come-to-Jesus moment, real soon, about whether to continue supporting a company with so little concern about Human Rights and Worker Abuse – which now includes children.
    • For those needing to make a switch in computers, may I suggest the Raspberry Pi family? I’m on my 2nd Pi (my Pi 3B went to my sister, and I bought the new Pi 4).
    • They now make laptops using Linux, too (when my MacBook dies, I will make the switch – I’m not a fan of dumping working tools for philosophical/political reasons).
  • Appropo of tech, this piece about Andrew Yang does put his proposed solutions into perspective. His indifference to human desire to be free of government interference – a basic tenet of the American Way of Life – marks him, not just as another soulless technocrat, but, perhaps, captive to his Asian heritage.
  • Last, a site I just found today, that moved me to put it at the top of my Blogs I Have to Read bookmark list, Tsionizm. The post that got me to Get All In? Here. Definitely a guy I’ll be referencing in Leftism 4 Beginners (which is slowly moving along – I should be able to post another chapter by next weekend).
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