Tom Kratman makes a good point regarding the SJW attack:

It’s funny, but I’m a lot more offensive than you are and they never really try that with me. One can only guess at why that might be…

I’m just a regular guy, and that’s probably why the SJWs came after me. They are too cowardly to go after hard targets like Tom Kratman, for obvious reasons (mugging the Devil is a stupid idea, generally). And antifragile targets like Vox and Milo actually profit from attacks. The more Vox is attacked, the more notoriety he gains.

Nonetheless, SJWs have been on the warpath in the last few weeks. As Francis noted at Bastion of Liberty, both Roosh and his Return of Kings site were subject to recent attack. And, indeed, it looks like the same attackers who went after me may be responsible.

Breitbart noted, only a day or two after my own post on the subject, how Facebook has gone full SJW, handily deleting pages and posts that are critical of Leftist talking points and remaining firmly silent on those critical of the Right. It is clear to me that the SJWs made sure they had Establishment backing before they began their doxxing campaign.

Now, there are two courses of action open to one who was attacked. The SJWs claim to have silenced as many as 37 Right-wing outlets in their campaign. You can delete your blogs, your Twitter accounts, etc… and cave in to them. But it’s unclear whether this will stop their attacks against you.

The better option is to harden yourself against assault. Do you rely on a job with a sensitive HR department? This is a point of weakness which may be used to attack you. They will take a quotation out of context, screenshot it, and send it to your employer en masse. This is a tactic they have used repeatedly in the past. Indeed, there’s an entire website dedicated to this called “Getting Racists Fired” which I refuse to link to from here, on general principle. Of course, what constitutes racism is defined entirely by your accuser.

I am fortunate in that much of my income comes from contracting and independent sources. I could survive a loss of my primary income stream for a good amount of time. Therefore, as you can see, my blog remains up, and my Twitter remains active. Should the SJWs make good on their threats to stir up trouble with my clients, family, and friends, I will fight them every step of the way.

They don’t fear me like they do Col. Kratman, but as they say of bullies in the schoolyard, even if you lose the fight, if you get in a few licks before they take you down, they will likely leave you alone in the future. Make the price of their attacks as high as you can.

I have several less-than-reputable individuals already tracking down this particular SJW. When I discover his identity we will see how he likes a taste of his own medicine.

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