Color me not surprised. Now, I’m not exactly in the Jonathan Haidt fan club (I’m on record disagreeing with him on a number of matters here at the The Declination), but I grant him the courage of his convictions. Unlike your typical SJW, Mr. Haidt generally believes in the actual meaning of the word “diversity” and remains consistent in his beliefs and positions. In simple terms, he’s not a hypocrite.

He explains for us just how Left-wing Social Psychology has become. And, by extension, how Left-wing the educational establishment has become.

The money quote:

A third way of graphing the viewpoint diversity of these senior social psychologists is by computing an average score across all 9 of the politically valenced policy items. For each one, the 11 point response scale was labeled “strongly oppose” on the left-most point and “strongly support” on the right-most point. I converted all responses to the same 11 point scale used in figure 1 so that “strongly supporting” the progressive position (e.g., pro-choice) was scored as -5 and “strongly supporting” the conservative position (e.g., prayer in school) was scored as +5. That puts the leftists on the left and the rightists on the right of the graph. Here’s the graph:


Figure 3: Views on 9 political issues

I counted anyone whose average score fell between -1.0 and +1.0 (inclusive) as a centrist. The graph shows that 314 of the 327 participants (96.0%) had an average score below -1.0 (i.e., left of center), one had an average score above +1.0 (i.e., right of center), and 12 were centrists. That gives us a Left to Right ratio of 314 to one.

Of course, in SJW loony-land, a Left to Right ratio of 314 to one is perfectly diverse. Except, of course, that one Right-wing Social Psychologist remains. I suppose he must be purged, whoever he is.

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