Today’s readings were very depressing in a bizarre sort of way. The entrenched self-loathing of white Social Justice Warriors would be pitiable if they weren’t such active enemies of freedom and sense. Here’s another bit of Leftist virtue signalling, wherein everyone is supposed to immediately agree with the premise, because it feels good and is blatantly anti-white:

Teacher: A student told me I ‘couldn’t understand because I was a white lady.’ Here’s what I did then.

I grow weary of this fallacy that whites are uniquely or specifically responsible for history’s ills, for all the wrongs that must be righted. Even if I accepted the premise that you carry the sins, not merely of your father, but of all of your ancestors and all those who looked even remotely like you (which I don’t), this would mean that “People of Color” are likewise responsible for great sins against humanity. Mao killed millions, and he was not white. Islamic Arabs are responsible for wiping out entire civilizations. China and Japan have been going at for thousands of years. What about Genghis Khan, or the Aztec habit of human sacrifice?

No, SJWs, whites are not some kind of unique form of human evil. They are just human, with all the fallibility that implies. These twin notions that whites are either the great master race, or the evil oppressive race, are mirror inversions of one another born of some strange sense of self importance.

Here’s an unpleasant truth my readers may or may not be familiar with, but which I know SJWs are unaware of:

How many, once lauded in song, are given over to the forgotten; and how many who sung their praises are clean gone long ago!

-Marcus Aurelius

One of the fascinating things about reading Meditations, is that you soon discover Marcus Aurelius was very aware of how small he truly was in the grand scheme of things. He even understood that, though some fame would linger around his name, no one in the future would know him. He would be words, a name, a series of quotations and histories, but never a living person again. Once he was gone, and all those who knew him were gone, everything was dust.

In simple terms, he did not do things in order to win greater fame, or to elevate his own sense of self-importance. He knew that he was just a man, and would soon go the way of all men in death.

If a Roman Emperor knew that he was not such a big deal, how much smaller are the SJWs? How soon will they be forgotten? How small is their effect on the universe?

SJWs think that white people are a great evil just for being white. Nazis thought that white people were a great good just for being white. But both were equal in their estimation of relative importance. In this way, SJWs can be said to be a form of white supremacist themselves. They believe whites are the superior evil.

Marcus Aurelius would laugh at their own overly-inflated sense of self-importance. He would know them as small men who would soon die, and be forgotten as all men must be, someday.

The teacher in the article above tells us this:

I can’t change the color of my skin or where I come from or what the teacher workforce looks like at this moment, but I can change the way I teach.

Her shame, her sadness comes through in her words. You can tell that there is a longing to change. She doesn’t want to be this superior evil. She probably wishes she could change her skin color, as Shaun King pretended. She, at least, realizes this is impossible. But she now dedicates her life to excising this great evil from the classroom.

Talk about the racial and class stereotypes plaguing our streets, our states, our society. You may agree that black and brown lives matter, but how often do you explore what matters to those lives in your classroom?

Keep in mind that this teacher is supposed to be an English (Language Arts) teacher, ensuring that her students can read, write, and comprehend literature. But her focus has now become educating her students on the evils of whiteness, and the unmitigated good of their own history and ancestry.

Of course, we know that is all bullshit of the highest order. Slavery continues today, in Africa, right now, and the perpetrators of it are not white. Homophobia in America means a pizza shop owned by rednecks might not be amenable to catering a gay wedding. Homophobia in Syria means death for gays. But, since whites are the superior evil, ways must be found to blame them for these things, also.

I’m exhausted of this human tendency to go from one extreme to another, from white man’s burden to whatever this woman is doing. From supremacy to supreme evil. I just want to be a man, who will live his time, and then pass on, as Marcus Aurelius tells us. And that is the one thing both extremes cannot permit.


Arthur Chu could not be a “just a man.” He has to be a great practitioner of Dark Arts, a Social Justice stormtrooper. He must, necessarily, be “great” in some fashion. There is no neutrality, no middle. You are either with him or against him.

All of this is profoundly depressing, because the lack of neutrality, the force-feeding of extremism, means that rationality is the first casualty of the Culture Wars. An English teacher cannot merely teach English, and excuse herself from political matters. She must be political. She must, as Arthur Chu explained, mindkill herself.

Take a side, they say. You are either uniquely evil for being white, or uniquely good for being not-white. All good in your history is to be excised. All evil is to be stressed and emphasized. You are not only responsible for the sins of the father, but his father, and his father before him. You are nothing more than the collective representation of your ancestors, with no Free Will whatsoever.

So this teacher’s speech is nothing more than her declaration of conversion and submission to the dictates of Social Justice. She is admitting her guilt, she is admitting the superior evil of the white race, and asking for mercy and support from her fellow, self-loathing compatriots.

She doesn’t know it, of course (and would be loathe to discover it), but she is also a white supremacist.

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