This post has been brewing in the darkened corners of my mind for too long. Naturally, it’s a doozy. So I ask your indulgence, dear reader. Much of what you are about to read would be deemed offensive by the Church of Public Opinion. I won’t mislead you. Most of it probably is offensive. Truth has a way of being unpleasant, it is why lies are so much more palatable. Your wife asks you: “does this dress look good?” You have two possible answers. We all know which answer is the easy one.

#GamerGate is a big part of why I’m writing this (and the second half is mostly about it). But it’s part of a much larger issue that I’ve been wanting to explore, too.

Anyway, let’s delve deep into issues of Social Justice, shall we?

We can begin with a simple statement: Social Justice Warriors are Fatalists. This is as opposed to Determinism. In other words, a Social Justice Warrior believes that people are the product of their environment rather than the reverse; they believe in fate as opposed to free agency. A disadvantaged Black man, for instance, can be excused from actions that a privileged White man cannot be, because those actions, in the mind of the Social Justice Warrior, are an inevitable product of the overall racial environment.

Recently, a video of a woman walking down the streets of various shady neighborhoods surfaced. In it, she was repeatededly catcalled and propositioned from minority men. At first, this video was taken to be proof of the Patriarchy and its subtle, but still pervasive, ills. Inadvertently, however, it revealed something Social Justice Warriors aren’t supposed to believe: minority men, like all humans, have free agency. In complaining about them, the feminists were violating their own tenets. In order to be angry at the minority men, one had to admit those men had a choice, but this is in direct opposition to a narrative blaming minority violence on the White Patriarchy. This caused a firestorm and resulted in the eventual cannibalization of the movement the creators of the video intended. In simple terms, Social Justice Warriors could not decide who had it worse, minority men or women in general.

It was worse when a woman went to Haiti for charitable purposes and was raped by a Haitian man. She blamed the White Patriarchy for creating the impoverished environment the rapist grew up in. She excused the rapist himself, treating him as if he had no free agency. He was fated to rape her by an evil System, in simple terms.

This is remarkably similar to the mindset of religious extremists, who think similarly, except that their source of all fate is a deity. Muslims are fond of saying Insha’Allah when bad things happen to them. It is similar to “God wills it” or “if it is God’s will” except that in the Arab world, this has a very fatalistic streak. Nothing happens, they believe, unless it is the will of God. Now, in the minds of your average Muslim, this is of minor importance. When combined with extremism, however, it can produce a remarkable obsession with religious law. Did you miss when you shot at the imperialist soldier? You weren’t faithful enough! More Sharia Law is needed, then Allah will grant us victory.

Adam Carolla addressed it at one point in his Occupy Wall Street rant.

They see us over here in our hot tubs, driving our big cars around, havin’ our parties, turnin’ on… (“Bald”) Bryan Bishop: Big cars *with* hot tubs. Carolla: Yeah! Stretch limos with hot tubs, or chicks lookin’ hot – fake boobies and bikinis and all that – and they’re like “Fuck it. Allah’s gonna take care of *these* guys.” And then Allah doesn’t take care of shit, and then *they* come down and blow our buildings up. It’s this weird…it’s not…we think it’s about religion, or we think it’s about, you know, cultures…it’s *one* culture can’t live next to another culture that’s thriving…

The Muslim world is genuinely confused. They practice their faith every day, they do what the Quran tells them to, even interpreting it in the most extreme methods possible, and still, the evil heathen Westerners do better than they do. It conflicts terribly with their notion of everything being the will of God. Why would God will prosperity on the heathen and not the faithful? That confusion and frustration expressed itself in jealous violence.

What does this have to do with Social Justice Warriors? A lot.

SJWs don’t believe in God’s will (most are Atheists or Agnostic), but they still retain the same Fatalistic attitude, one that originated with Karl Marx. It was once fashionable to refer to Marxists as “Goddless Communists.” But they have a God, it just isn’t supernatural. Marx proposed the existence of a historical cycle, a “Dialectic” that would, inevitably, result in the adoption of Socialism and an end to Capitalism, Imperialism and other competing systems (along with the Bourgeois who supported those systems). Their faith that this would happen was as ironclad as the Muslim extermist’s faith in Allah. It was fate. It was the inevitable product of the oppression of the Proletariat.

In 1918, it seemed as if they were right, and the world’s great Socialist revolution was about to begin. But it stalled, was contained at great cost and finally self-destructed spectacularly in Russia, and more slowly in China (which evolved more into a garden-variety single-party dictatorship). Like Adam Carolla’s observation about Allah, the Dialectic didn’t do shit. Now they’ve come to blow our games up.

This resulted in confusion and frustration, as it did for the Muslim world. Why, they ask themselves, didn’t these evil systems die like they were supposed to? Marxism’s narrative provided them with a convenient answer. Oppression. In the Marxist world, oppression was expressed in economic terms. In the Social Justice world, it is expressed in identity group terms. The problem with Marxism, they might tell you, is that it failed to take into account racism, sexism, homophobia, etc…

So the Utopia for the Faithful lies over a horizon of Straight White Male bodies. Or perhaps more charitably, over their silence. Either option would be preferable to the current situation. Ironically, this is far more racist and sexist than anything White Men have done in recent years. They are saying that White Men have free agency (they are oppressors – you can only be guilty if you have choice), but everyone else does NOT. Everyone else is a product of Fate, brought about by the evil-doers. Of course, how they propose to defeat the so-called evil-doers without free agency themselves is anybody’s guess. But Social Justice is not, and never has been, internally consistent.

This is why Gawker posts crap about the Ferguson riots being “good for economics.” To them the rioting was fate. It was inevitable as soon as Darren Wilson pulled the trigger. Now, they say, the economics of the situation will “force” better behavior from The System, again, a matter of Fate. It’s almost as if they deny that anyone has free agency here, except the evil police officer who may or may not (you and I will never see the real evidence) have been in the wrong. Never mind the economic damage reaped by burning down stores and stripping them bare.

Getting to #GamerGate, this is why Social Justice Warriors make excuses for the absolutely deplorable actions of Zoe Quinn. If she cheated on her boyfriend with five or more men, that is not her fault. Her environment made her do it. She was fated to be a cheater (the Patriarchy oppressed her), therefore she is above criticism for it. To criticize her is to be sexist. Since she did nothing wrong, naturally the men she slept with could not have done anything wrong either, so why are people making noise about it? But the man who outed them is evil because he was saying that Zoe Quinn possessed free agency, that she chose to hurt him. They could not abide this notion, it conflicts with everything they hold dear.

To them, the purpose of journalism is also a matter of Fate. They must be crusaders in the culture war. How can they let the heathens get away with their blasphemy? It is inconceivable, just as it would be for the Muslim extremist to leave the West alone. They are sinners, they must be punished to bring about prosperity for the Faithful. God, or the Dialectic, will reward them. So, naturally, the SJW journalists turned on their own readers. The Dialectic was more important than the lives of a bunch of proles.

The gaming community had long been in the dark about the wider culture war. They are not, shall we say, the most socially-aware bunch of people. They enjoyed their hobby, some of them made careers out of it, and didn’t pay much attention to Fatalism vs. Determinism. That sort of stuff was for boring philosophers buried under piles of Greek works at obscure Universities. Better to play a round of Halo or Quake.

But Social Justice Warriors had been infiltrating the gaming community for a long time. This article describes how long this has been in the works (at least a year and a half, probably more). To them the lack of female gamers, compared to their male counterparts, was proof of sexism. Repeat for any identity group (gay, trans, minority, etc…). Never mind that most Female gamers, Trans gamers, Black gamers, etc… were perfectly happy as members of the existing community. They joined it because they liked it. If they numbered less than White men in the community, it didn’t seem to bother them.

So White men like Ben Kuchera took up the mantle of Social Justice and deigned to speak on behalf of the oppressed proletariat of gaming. You were too stupid, you see, to realize that you were products of Fate, of the White Patriarchy. Foolish child that you were, thinking you had free will, free agency.

Except that gamers are notorious for their adoption of free agency, even if they didn’t realize it. Playing a game is to tackle a challenge, to apply your skills, intelligence and cleverness to solving problems. It is the pinnacle of Free Agency. You are not fated to lose, you can win! So the Social Justice Puritans, Fatalists looking for their witches to burn, ran into a group of some of the most stubborn Determinists on the entire planet. The resulting conflict, in retrospect, shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

We are a prosperous people, here in the Western World and in the gaming community. Like Adam Carolla said, we have cars with hot tubs, fake boobies and more fun than anybody. Even in the midst of terminal decline, our civilization is more vibrant and powerful than anything in history. And, deep down, Social Justice Warriors, the modern day Puritans, like their extermist Islamic compatriots, loathe us for it. Because they can’t understand why their God (the Dialectic) has not struck us down.

I mean look at us! We’re doing porn charities, playing games, drinking sugar-loaded, caffeinated crap, day in and day out. We’re smiling. We’re having a good time. We enjoy our lives, as fucked up as they may be. We are the heathens, and they are the faithful, and deep down, they are jealous of us. When they see an armor-clad, cleavage-wielding woman in a game, they think sexism. Gamer guys think boners. Gamer girls think cosplay time. When we see a hero in our games, we don’t even stop to notice if the character is Black, White or something else. We’re too busy having a good time. Nothing pisses off a Puritan more than having a good time.

We judge games on their content, just like we judge people! Why? Because we have Free Will, and we choose to.

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