ISIS is evil, but if there is one thing that can be said for them, they are at least brave men, in so much as they are willing to die (and murder) for their chosen cause. Westerners have lost their taste for war, preferring the course of winning hearts by empathy, compassion and understanding. They have forgotten their Machiavelli, in that the first duty of a prince is to war. Cowardly rot extends deep into the fabric of the West. Long has the intellectual community suffered them, but now you will see that the business community has fallen to them also. Behold, the International Game Developers Association bending to the whims of cowards:


This presentation is old. It predates the current GamerGate controversy by many years and should give us some clue as to how long ago they began plotting to seize control of the medium. But recently it has come back into the fore, as gamers and SJWs have lobbed ideological grenades at one another. SocJus advocates love the term “self-censorship” but do not really believe in it. Social Justice Warriors have used terminology like “House Nigger” repeatedly, thinking that because their side is properly progressive, they have a license to use offensive terms they deem off limits to the hoi polloi. So when they say self censorship, they really mean censorship of those who disagree with them. Subversion of language is their first priority.


Issues relating to depictions of Mohammed are not limited to print media. Although in this case, the game merely depicts “chanted verses” from the Quran. Now, the game was not sold in Islamic markets, but was pirated there or imported there illegally. Thus, Muslims were offended and Social Justice advocates decreed that a “line had been crossed.” Consider that for a moment. Anything that anyone designs or produces that may offend someone, anywhere, even in places the product is not sold in, is enough for these people to lose their minds. The fact that the author adds a reference to the Danish cartoons is tragic, now, after the Charlie Hebdo affair in France. He seems to be insinuating that one should cave to the demands of the Islamists.


Hearts of Iron is a game made by one of my favorite studios, Paradox Interactive. Their games are so obsessively accurate that anyone who studies history is likely to enjoy them. They pride themselves on grand strategy games that, while not terribly innovate graphically, have some of the deepest gameplay and most glorious detail of any games yet produced. Try Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 4 sometime, as they are two of my favorites, set in Medieval and Renaissance time periods, respectively. In this case, Hearts of Iron is a game for a more modern time period and it accurately depicts the political situation year-by-year (you can start at any year from 1936 to 1964, depending on the expansion pack).

Naturally, China took offense to this, for it depicts an independent Taiwan and an independent Tibet during the appropriate periods. But what is a studio known for obsessing over the most minute details of history supposed to do? Release a game with false history? If Social Justice Warriors are to be assuaged, history itself must be “self-censored” according to the whims of oppressive foreign governments. Never mind that Hearts of Iron is not intended for Chinese audiences, and their targeted demographics, gamers who are also historians would be seriously ticked off by deliberate historical censorship. Paradox Studios would sooner slit their own throats than write a game with wrong history. Indeed, as I understand it, historical inaccuracies are taken very seriously by their staff and addressed as bugfixes.


Whenever a Leftist tells you that something is not about this or that, you can be assured it is about exactly that. The author claims this is not about pandering to local governments, when that is precisely what he recommends with respect to China. When Islamic governments complain about a game, even though most of them are not gamers, SJWs wish us to take their complaints seriously. So they are very much about appeasing non-gamers who legislate against them.

And to tie this back to the beginning, the fact that people like this are taken seriously by a supposedly professional organization representing Game Developers is proof of the level of intellectual cowardice and subservience infecting the West. Folks, this disease is a cancer, and like that sickness, it is utterly fatal if not corrected. China, Russia and the Islamic world all smell the scent of weakness and death about the West. We must show a willingness to not only destroy the arguments of SocJus, for that is exceptionally easy to do, but to humiliate them, mock them, tease them and demonstrate to the world that these people do not represent the dominant strain of thinking in our society. They should be laughed out of polite society, not invited to major professional organization conferences.

Failing in this task will, inevitably, result in our fall. For if we cannot even defend video games how can we be expected to resist properly in more serious matters, such as taxation, military affairs, government regulation and culture?

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