The other day, it occurred to me that I have finally become entirely immune to SJW attack. Oh, they can find out who I am and where I live easily enough. Some have already. But I am not concerned with attacks on my person anyway — I am well armed and capable of defending myself.

But they have, in the past, used economic means to come after me. They failed, but I sought to further diversify my income streams to render myself immune to future attacks. I can now say that I am invulnerable to this sort of attack. I have switched to private contracting for the majority of my income. Yes, I still have a day job also, but that is a matter of convenience. I have worked for them for many years, and it has been mutually beneficial. It is a good job. If SJWs were to somehow damage that relationship, however, I could increase my contracting hours by way of compensation and suffer no financial losses.

My debt load is reduced to a single mortgage which, in a few years (at current rates), will also be eliminated. Loan-to-value rate is heavily positive, so even in the event of a market crash, I could dispose of the remaining property. I have hoarded most of my disposable income for the last year to provide a cushion sufficient for a full year at current expense rates, even supposing I didn’t make a single dime for an entire year, and supposing my wife also lost her source of income.

The window in which they could have silenced me has passed. If you are a libertarian, conservative, or anywhere to the right-of-center, I suggest you do likewise. The discrimination against us is in the process of going from subtle, behind-the-scenes, deniable discrimination to open, outright hatred.

Strengthen relationships with friends and family. Forge new relationships with those of like mind. Stand in support of your fellows, and ask them to stand in support of you in turn. Rely on your own SJW-free networks for protection and succor. If you can, find sources of income that are completely free of Social Justice infiltration. Be willing to do odd jobs and one-offs as the situation demands — the days of being able to rely on a steady 9-to-5 job have long since passed. Keep that job if you have it, but cultivate backup plans and alternate income streams.

Most importantly, eliminate debt and avoid new debt where possible. If you can manage a debt-free life, you will be mobile and adaptable in ways that debt-ridden folks are not.

Dark times are ahead of us. Be ready for them.

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