Unless you are living under a rock, you are aware of the controversy raging across several venues of the Conservative-Libertarian Right. Amnesty is at the center of it, the betrayal of Boehner and the Establishment Republicans features prominently in that affair. We know that this is the death blow, that with the eventual legalization of millions of illegal immigrants, the Republican party has slit its own throat. Most would agree that this self-inflicted wound is a mercy kill, that the thing posing as a legitimate opposition party has, in reality, been infested with all too many Quislings, lunatics and “leaders” infected with terminal foot-in-mouth disease. Sarah Hoyt, a respected, and dare I say respectable, author has started a firestorm by suggesting that salvation must, nonetheless, originate within the Republican party. She would have us find our intellectual courage, summon the fallen banners on the political battlefields, and target our offensive upon the corpse of the Republican Party, reanimating it to life.

Emperor Misha weighs in here.

A man must take a side in this thing, it is not the sort of matter which will stand while we are indecisive in our execution. This attack by the Progressive Left, with regards to an invasion requires immediate, unconditional, powerful response. They call us Reactionaries, well let it be as they say. Let us react rather than do nothing.

Before I suggesting a course of action, and take my position on the thing, I must preface with a simple statement.

America is an Empire. It crossed the Rubicon to Imperialism, not in the manner of the “colonialist oppressor” Social Justice Warriors are so fond of repeating as a mantra, but in the manner of centralized Executive Power. We have a Julius Caesar in office, though mind you without any of that man’s martial talent or wisdom. He is a tyrant, but an ineffective one, which is all the more infuriating.

Even as the transition to Imperial America continues apace, her hegemony over world affairs is cracking. Russia, once the plaything of Ronald Reagan, has firmly denied America’s ability to affect it. Putin laughs at Obama, and not without reason. When more sanity is present in a Russian quasi-dictator than an American President, you know something has fundamentally changed.

America is the most laughable Empire to have ever borne the title. Her armies are in retreat all across the globe, leaving organizations like ISIS, far worse than garden-variety dictators like Saddam Hussein, in their wake. Militant Islam has never been stronger, ideologically, than it is today, excepting perhaps the days in which it overran the dying Roman Empire in the 600s. Competent military men have been removed from their posts, and feminist equality given a priority greater than that of combat readiness. The greatest military machine to have ever existed is repeatedly dealt terrible blows, not from the enemy, but from purported friends.

Her economy is shambles, hobbling long on near-zero interest rates, loaded with debt at all levels of society, from the most impoverished to the upper echelons of government and finance. Even the banks are broke. Culture has degraded to the point where 80% of the country believes a warning label for DNA in food is necessary. Understand that these same individuals vote on matters of high office and state. The American Empire staggers on the verge of complete and total collapse, and as she dies, people protest the death of a thug upon the streets of a ghetto. They are the collective echo of Honorius, concerned terribly for the proper feeding of his chickens, as the Goths sacked Rome.

Turn on the television and watch someone twerking their ass in a g-string, watch some laughable “reality” television manufacturing drama out of human stupidity. Even Rome, in her dying days, did not deal with such mass stupidity and ignorance. Who among you makes a thing? Who does something that is not busy make-work? When is the last time you did a physical task for yourself? And your neighbor? And your coworker? What is it that they do?

How can a nation of cubicle paper-pushers continue to exist? It is an affront against nature. It cannot continue.

Now calling C-232 in your local DMV. This is your future.

Imperial America is dying. Her education system is rife with Progressives and historical social justice revisionism. Her universities are staffed by lunatics, priced to the point of debt-slavery, and set as the prerequisite for getting any job that doesn’t involve retail or flipping burgers (and, even then, sometimes the sheepskin is needed). Enslave yourself to make a living doing nothing at all. Meanwhile mass Media spouts lies by the boatload and politicians don’t even bother to hide their disgust for the hoi polloi any longer. There is no reasoning with them, no middle-ground possible, no compromise with those who do not want us to exist.

And in this, the Republican Party has continued to sell out, time and time again, to the very same interests it claims to oppose. They are the Senators applauding Octavian as he declares himself the First Citizen of Rome.

Imperial America is the direct result of decades of Democracy by Stupidity. And this stupidity will not be reversed at the voting booth, nor in the classrooms of a degenerate system, nor in the universities of the Ivory tower, nor the greed within the offices of titanic multi-nationals. Baptism by fire is the only way to end this, the time for a controlled burn has passed.

I’m sorry, Sarah. I truly am. For I wish I could agree with you. I wish the terrible conflict and collapse was not inevitable at this point, but I will not leave Imperial America to my children, and their children. I am with Misha in this, and DethGuild, and Francis, and Starvin Larry, and all who will no longer countenance the betrayal of the Republicans, nor the lunacy of the Democrats, nor the stupidity of Anarchists, nor the debauchery of the Libertarians, nor the blindness to history of the Communists.

Let it burn. I will be a slave no longer.

Imperial America will die. Regardless of whether or not we wish it, human nature demands it, and nothing can stand in the way of that. The only question is what shall rise from her ashes.



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