I had a whole essay planned for this morning, for it’s been one of those kind of weeks. And yet I read such an important piece over at Liberty’s Torch, penned by the intellectually mighty Francis Porretto, that I cannot. Rather, I can only advise you to go read his post and give to you my thoughts on it.

An important part to take away is this:

“The essence of the taboo in American society is linguistic: not to speak the forbidden thought or attitude….But even those of us who defy the taboos ideologically are expected to obey their constraints on our vocabulary.”


But controlling our speech is not the Left’s true goal. The Left seeks the ultimate silencing of dissent: each of us must be ruthlessly, rigorously conditioned to pre-censor our minds.

The thing to understand here is this pre-censorship already happens. I catch myself doing it all the time. Speech is forbidden, thoughts are forbidden, and thus the conclusions can never catch on. When I catch myself censoring a thought, I deliberately bring it out into the open. The best intellectual defense is thus to be mindful and aware of your own thought processes, so that you may catch this.

I remember reading, I forget where at this juncture, that in Cuba after Castro took over, one fundamental change from the Batista era was the treatment of political prisoners. In Batista’s era, political prisoners most assuredly did exist, for Batista didn’t hold with competition. However, he was generally merciful to them, insofar as they were often given better accommodations than violent felons because their crime was only political.

Under Castro, this was fundamentally reversed. Felons were given better treatment, for at least their crime wasn’t political. At least, you see, their crime wasn’t badthink.

And this is the trend of the Left in America today, where Black Lives Matter and other such Social Justice groups are inclined to make excuses for looting, rioting, arson, theft, assault, and even murder. But the terrible crime of profiling (bad think) is far worse, they say. At least the felon’s crime wasn’t political.

To the Left, badthink is the worst crime imaginable, for it means that the badthinker may free himself from their authority, even if only in a tiny corner of his mind. And that smallest of concessions cannot be permitted by the authoritarian. The tyrants must have complete control of your thoughts, so that you become an extension of them, and no longer a thinking, rational being of your own.

You become something worse than a slave when this happens. For a slave may obey due to threat of force, or some other such thing, but still retain a corner of his mind for his own thoughts. When your mind is controlled entirely by them, you are not only a slave… you have lost your humanity. You are no longer a person, you are just an appendage for another.

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