I tire of this “Trump sounds like Hitler” garbage. And that’s what it is, garbage. Hitler started a world war and committed genocide. Hitler hated Jews, and other various ethnic groups. Hitler ran a quasi-Socialist state, whereby private companies only had nominal control. He militarized the state and intentionally placed it on a war footing, and openly antagonized his neighbors once he felt strong enough to do so.

No serious American candidate has called for these things as long as I’ve been alive — perhaps ever. Trump is an asshole and a vulgarian, this I will readily concede. But he doesn’t hate Jews (his daughter is an Orthodox Jew), he does not agitate for world war, nor desire to commit genocide. He does not argue for the micromanagement of business and private life, at least no more so than any other recent American President has (and less so than Obama).

Call him an ass, an egomaniac, a narcissist, a man running only to ensure himself a place in the history books. Call him self-serving, and his policies crazy or unworkable. Follow my friend Nicki Kenyon and call him… more colorful things. All of these things may be true, and they give plenty of legitimate concerns for a voter to worry about at the ballot box.

But the notion that he’s a Hitler, or at all Hitler-like, is beyond ludicrous. It betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what Hitler was, and what he did. If you follow the media, everything is Hitler, these days. Everything is sensational. Suddenly closing the border is Hitlerish, when today, right now, at least half the nations on Earth practice that. Are they run by Hitlers?


It’s the most foolish of rhetorical tricks, and it’s almost patronizing that the media and idiots on the Internet think we’re going to fall for that. It’s insulting. It’s a shaming technique, designed to keep people from speaking up. If a person says anything positive of Trump, the predictable response is: “what, do you support Hitler?”

It’s instructive that I’m here, effectively defending Donald Trump, a man I’ve never liked, and don’t support, except to say that I agree with Kurt Schlichter when he says that Hillary is worse, and I also agree with Tom Kratman when he explains that Hillary might lead to open Civil War. Insofar as I don’t desire those things, I’ll at least consider Trump as an alternative.

But I don’t like him, and it pains me to be pushed into a box like this where I feel the need to explain to a crowd of brainwashed fools that, no, just because you don’t like Donald Trump and don’t agree with what he says, doesn’t mean he’s Hitler reborn. Not all assholes on this planet are reincarnations of Hitler. It’s like Bush Derangement Syndrome all over again, where in protesters used to hold up signs saying “Bush equals Hitler!” I often asked such people “so how many Jews has Bush killed? None? Oh… so you’re a mental infant, then?”

These are the same people, by the way, who claim to be paragons of unbiased scientific reasoning. Their response is effectively ‘everybody I don’t like is literally Hitler, because feelings.’ Grow up.

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