Usual rant warnings apply.

So I went to the Libertarian Party website today… and it sucked. It was ugly, full of contradictory and downright outdated information, and was built like something out of the late 90s. There was a smattering of badly designed, overpriced merchandise, some articles from several months ago, and a list of elected Libertarians, as if each one was a special snowflake for nabbing a local School Board post in Podunkville, USA. You wouldn’t even know any of them were running for president looking at the site.

You know, that’s the problem with freedom-loving folks, generally. There’s no mobilization, no branding, no campaign to wind the hearts and minds. Nobody really cares enough to bother. So they are easily outdone by extensive, market-researched campaigns run by sociopaths and totalitarian shitstains bent on world domination. The Democrat Party may be one of the most corrupt organizations in human history, but at least they have style.

Oh, I understand why the Libertarian Party is this way. These are folks who want to be left alone, and don’t really want to invest the time and effort necessary to win morons to their side. Hell, they don’t want the morons around to begin with, much less want to go evangelizing to them. That would mean going to the morons and doing things like talking to them. They’d rather go have a root canal without anesthetic.

The only evangelizing Libertarians are the Potheads and Conspiritards, and the less said of them, the better.

If this is to be the party that replaces the GOP Establishment’s massive bucket of felching cocknuggets, it has a long way to go. And can somebody, for the love of all that is holy, tell these people that open borders is a really shitty idea? Libertarianism only works so long as you don’t import Marxists and other assorted dumbass fucksticks from every tyrannical hellhole on the planet.

Is this really the alternative to the Trumpites and Hildabeast? We’re so fucked…

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