But not for much longer…

Dear reader, I want you to think back to the last time you heard a major celebrity step onto a stage and utter a truly Conservative thing. No, not some moderate call for unity, or some out-of-left-field weird position, but something that really made you think “wow, this guy is a Conservative.” Hard, isn’t it? You have some lesser (in a popularity sense) celebs, like Ted Nugent who occasionally do that. And Clint Eastwood is known for being somewhat Right-ish. Still, very few come to mind.

Now I want you to think of major celebrities who say Leftist things. The exhaustive list is beyond the purview of this post, but suffice it to say, if only celebrities voted, our government would be somewhere to the Left of Hegel and Marx.

Now, let’s discuss education. Jonathan Haidt tells us that in the field of Social Psychology, only 2.5% of psychologists are Right-of-center. Left-of-center is around 90%, with the remainder as moderate/centrists. It’s slightly less bad in the humanities, where Republicans number as great as a whopping 11%. High schools are harder to track specifically, but definite liberal bias exists there, also.

What about government bureaucracy? Well, Washington DC voted 93% Democrat, and has voted disproportionately Democrat longer than I’ve been alive. Take a look at this picture of White House staffers “welcoming” Donald Trump to his meeting with President Obama:


Such enthusiasm. Gee, I wonder how many of these people are Progressives?

Even Slate admits that Leftist bias is common in one of the most notorious government agencies, the IRS.

But let’s take this one step further. Online Social Media is incredibly Left-leaning as well. Business Insider ranks the political bias in various industries, and it is enormously biased in “Online Computer Services.” In fact, the Left dominates the legal profession, academics, entertainment, news media, and medical. Of all the powerful industries, only Banking, Hedge Funds, Lobbyists, and Real Estate show no particular Left-wing slant. But neither are they Right-wing, they are all four squarely in the center. The Right wins in agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas, and tobacco. In other words, when something actually needs to be done, it is the Right-wing that must do it.

Watching the election night surprises, the shocked faces of Liberal journalists, reporters, and talking heads, you might be forgiven for thinking they were completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton from day one.

With government, education, media, entertainment, medical, and legal as firm bastions of the Political Left, how can they claim that it is straight white Conservative males that have all the power in this country? Do they have any idea what it took to put Donald Trump in the White House? That was a Hail Mary pass of epic proportions, an all-in approach where even the Amish were put on the table in Pennsylvania, where Independents voted strongly for Trump, when Trump even made plays for a greater share of the Hispanic and black votes than anyone though possible, gaining ground on Romney in these groups.

In addition to gaining with minorities, Trump had to get a higher share of the white vote than Ronald Reagan, and a majority of white women in a year where a white woman was running on the opposing ticket, and every attempt was made to push the historic breaking of the glass ceiling narrative with them.

The Trump campaign was often referred to as the Trump Train, and it had to be in order to punch through the incredible resistance, much of it from his own party even, in order to pull this thing off. The sheer momentum of it was staggering. Stadiums were packed to the gills, Trump insulted the media to their faces, and still gained ground. The whole world was rooting against him. I was never the strongest of Trump supporters, and continued to express deep reservations about him. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but admire a push against the Establishment of that kind of magnitude.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like it again.

And yes, all of that energy, the full mobilization of all counter-cultural forces, was barely sufficient to put this man in the White House, a man who is still at odds with his own party to greater or lesser degree. A man for whom the other half of America is alternatively rioting or crying.

The Progressives have complete domination of most centers of power on this planet, and they have the utter gall to look at a guy like me and say “you’re privileged.” No. There is no white privilege. I don’t know if there ever was, but if there was it’s certainly gone now. The colonies fell a long time ago. And, indeed, the colonizers are themselves being colonized. Where British once marched across the face of Africa, now do Africans march across the face of Britain. Where Islam was once dominated by the Western powers, so now does Islam impose its will upon the West.

This isn’t about making things equal for all races, it’s about the conquest of the West…

But the question is, why do the Progressives want this so badly? And do Trump, Brexit, and other counter-cultural forces represent a groundswell of backlash that will overthrow the Progressive Establishment? Or are they the last gasps of a dying Western civilization, soon to be subsumed into Third World?

Either way, Progressives, stop trying to tell me that my side has all the power. Even now, with all branches of government under nominal Right-wing control, the balance of power still favors you. Because every other facet of the government remains in your hands, along with media, entertainment, education, culture, and law. No, Leftists, you may have taken a body blow (and it’s about time), but you are still the Establishment. You haven’t been speaking truth to power, but rather, lies to the powerless.

The best that can be said is that we are seeing signs that, perhaps, the people are ready to fight you. And that gives me a little hope.

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