And you are the Gambler.

Leftism has long been in control of media, education, and government. The last Conservative who had any real social clout was probably Ronald Reagan, and the best he could do was concede some domestic policies to the Left in exchange for his tax reforms and military buildup against the Soviets.

Nobody else has even come close to toppling them from their Ivory Tower. Consider these statistics:

  1. 18 out 20 large media news outlets slant Left. 4 outlets slant heavily Left (20 points from center). No media outlets — not even Fox — slant heavily Right (20 points from center).
  2. Social Psychology is 90% Left-leaning.
  3. College Professors identify as 60% Left-wing, 25% moderate, and only 15% Conservative. Some other stats I found are even worse — but I chose the least egregious one I could find.
  4. The complaint these days (from the Guardian — color me not surprised) is that Liberal Hollywood is not liberal enough.
  5. Government — outside of the military — heavily favors the Left (again, not really surprised, but there it is).

This Business Insider article contains a graph which illustrates this effectively, also. Pharmaceuticals and Legal also dominate among Left-slanted industries. Of all the powerful, Establishment-centric industries, only finance and real-estate possess a Right-wing slant, and the Financial industry’s slant is very minimal. It is very close to the center.

The point is, the Left is the Establishment. It sets the House Rules, so to speak, for the political game. Right-wingers can, and do, win small battles here and there, just as a man at the Black Jack table will win often enough. But the aggregate is skewed towards the House, and so here the aggregate is skewed Left. Play two games, and the Conservatives have a chance at victory. Play 1,000 games, and it becomes clear that the Left will win.

But Leftists can escape this accusation by pointing to all of the Conservative victories over the years, just as the House can pretend the game is fair by pointing to people who actually gamble and win.

Milo Yiannopoulus was chased off the University stage at DePaul (and attacked via minor physical altercation) by a horde of protestors given a free pass by the University’s administration. This occurred after the University administrators demanded thousands of dollars be paid for additional security. It seems they felt that Milo would incite violence.

Yet only Milo’s detractors committed any violence that day. The security, meanwhile, was instructed by the administration not to intervene. So the security money was paid for nothing and was, in effect, merely an extortion by the University. At least when you pay off the Mob, they generally leave you alone. The University administration didn’t even keep that end of the bargain.

Imagine for a moment if a Right-winger smacked a Left-wing gay man in the face, and thousands of Right-wing demonstrators flooded into a Left-wing event, shutting it down with violent threats. We would see this on the news cycle 24/7. It would be in every major paper, on every major website.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

This is how the House stacks the odds in their favor. Right-wingers must pay extra money. Right-wingers must not turn violent, they must submit to the violence without dishing it out in turn. They may not storm the stage, but their opposition can. Only those Right-wingers who can overcome the odds through exceptional skill or blind luck can win the game. But even then, the Left will merely bide its time and win enough battle in aggregate.

In essence, there’s a very real utility to viewing us Right-wing folks as gambling addicts, under present circumstances. We keep thinking we can win by playing by the established rules of the game. That will only result in Leftist victory in the long term. Only card sharks like Trump, for better or for worse, can play at their level. Of course, my readers are equally divided on whether or not Trump even counts as being on “our” side at all. I’m not a betting man — I won’t take that one.

While we were discussing issues in logical, coherent fashion, the political Left took over the House. And we must take it back if there is to be any chance of victory. Otherwise America will soon look like a Vegas casino.

Hell, what am I saying? It already does…


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