I look at racial prejudice, in some ways, as nearly inevitable. It is human nature to prefer those like you in various respects. I mean, look at us. Would we be a little extra suspicious of a Leftist who came in here? Probably.

I once lived near a Black neighborhood. It was pretty poor (I was broke at the time, and barely treading water). But there was an effort by the local Black church groups to clean it up some. They knocked on doors, trying to win folks back to Christ. When one of the church men came to my door, I could tell right away that he was uncomfortable. I wasn’t Black, and that changed things for him. Nonetheless, he smiled at me anyway and told me about his church, inviting me to come. He didn’t really want me there. I knew that by his expression. But he was also sincere in his perceived duty and faith.

I politely declined and explained that I was already a member of another church. He was relieved, but nonetheless pleasant with me. Was he a racist for judging me on account of my race? Probably. But that didn’t make him a bad man, or evil. He followed the Golden rule with me, and I with him.

I guess my point with all that can be summed up with two things:

1. Black churches seem to do a better job of fixing Black issues than any government agency, and they actually seem to CARE.

2. Just because prejudice exists, and all humans succumb to it in some fashion, doesn’t mean you must be evil or bad, or feel guilty for it. Indeed, doing your duty in the face of instinct can be a brave act.

And, perhaps most importantly, there was no mortal sin involved here. The Black church man did no wrong in preferring his church to be primarily filled with other Blacks. The corollary here is, what if it were a White church, and a White church man evangelizing for it?

This notion that prejudice is only wrong when Whites do it is fallacious in the extreme, and quite cowardly. Either prejudice is an absolute wrong, in which case all who succumb to it are evil (I don’t believe this), or it isn’t, in which case Whites have as much right to prefer to attend a White church as Blacks do with Black churches.

None of this invalidates the Golden Rule, however. Treat people as you would wish to be treated, at least as long as they are willing to reciprocate the gesture. I respect the Black church man who came to my door and did his duty, as his faith commands, in the face of his own misgivings. That he may have held a prejudicial view of my Whiteness doesn’t matter to me.

Why, then, should a White man’s similar preferences be demonized so much? It’s a very far cry from saying “I’d prefer to go to a church with others of my race, creed, and socio-economic status” to becoming some kind of genocidal eugenicist. And, in any event, the Planned Parenthood scandal seems to indicate that those of genocidal bent are primarily on the Left anyway.

Besides, is it racist to point out how most of this sort of violent thuggery is perpetuated by those of one particular race? I notice how the news media in question omits the attackers’ race, but it can be clearly seen in the video. I’m getting tired of this notion that prejudice is this terrible sin, when actual violent attacks and murders are, pardon the pun, whitewashed by the media. As usual, the Left has everything precisely backwards. They think the ThoughtCrime is worse than the RealCrime.

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