I’m living in SC, right near the NC border (I wrote a blog post about the upcoming McCready-Bishop District 9 election here). It’s too close to call, and heating up. The mud-slinging is heavy, and just about everyone I’ve talked to is heartily sick of the whole thing.

No matter what the outcome, it’s unlikely to give a sign of how the 2020 election will go. McCready (D) may well win, but that probably will be as much due to people’s disgust with the blatant fraud that the GOP candidate engaged in last year, as to favoring McCready.

In the initial election, McCready had wide support – war veteran, entrepreneur in the solar industry, and just generally a clean-cut image. It didn’t hurt that he was the victim of some serious fraud, that likely skewed the election to the GOP candidate (Mark Harris – NOT running this time).

The current GOP candidate, Dan Bishop, is being held up as in the pocket of the drug industry, based on ONE vote against a bill – but, the full record does NOT support that characterization.

McCready’s work in the solar industry did benefit from tax subsidies, as well as Chinese-made solar panels. Read the whole story, from a mainstream source, that may put the various claims in context.

If McCready wins, the Dems/Leftists will likely begin the crowing about the upcomingTrump-collapse.

I don’t see that happening. Here’s a link that might explain the difference between a weak and divided Democratic party, and the GOP, and why the pundits might – once again – be wrong about Trump.

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