Media talking heads have long understood an important truth that has eluded most conservatives. The truth doesn’t matter in a debate. Being right is borderline irrelevant. Popularity is far more important, and it is generated via marketing. A truism is true, it has rigidity; it is a solid thing. Marketing, on the other hand, is somewhat more elastic. It doesn’t hold shape the same way, though the best marketing is often related to the truth in some fashion. Consider truth to be concrete, and marketing to be really thick tar that can appear to hold shape for a time. It may even be made of truths, and yet still, underneath it all, be a bald-faced lie.

Journalists famously twist words, take things deliberately out of context, and spin them various ways. They are molding the tar to appear solid. And at first glance, it appears true.

Did he really say that offensive thing?

Of course he did, here’s where he said that. I have it on video.

Ah yes, but you edited out the rest of the speech.

So what? It was boring. Who wants to listen to all that anyway?

The marketing angle goes far beyond individual journalists, however. It operates at a meta level, in the way Leftists moralize every damned thing. For instance, if you oppose raising taxes, a Leftist might accuse you of being greedy and hating the poor. This is simple marketing spin. Taxation is good because poor people are helped. It’s like when a car salesman says something like “this car has amazing safety features, how could you possibly not want to be safe?” The salesman, of course, neglects to mention that the car’s performance is horrible, its gas mileage is terrible, and it looks like the wrong end of a donkey. Of course he’s going to spin the upside and imply that you’re crazy for not wanting it, while omitting all the issues.

The tar never holds up to close inspection. Debating politics, both in person and on the Internet, is rarely an exchange of facts, ideas, and concepts. Rather, it is more often a contest of opposing marketing schemes. Call it Ford vs Chevy. And its adherents often hold a quasi-religious devotion to their chosen brand. Which one (if either) is objectively better is irrelevant. The Left, for the most part, understands this. The Right is confused about it. Many Rightists still believe this is a contest of being right. Politics is seldom about that.

Consider it from a different angle. Imagine that, in the heat of an argument, someone called you a pinhead. Would you get out your tape measure to prove that your cranium fit within normal size specifications? That is how we on the Right often answer Leftist charges of racism, sexism, fascism, etc… And it’s incredibly stupid. In fact, it implies guilt. Most people are idiots. And so, being idiots, they place higher value on the testimony of an accuser than a defendant because the accuser, of course, is a victim. This is why our legal system was constructed on the basis of innocent until proven guilty. It was to avoid the very natural human tendency to give greater weight to a perceived victim.

Think about it, this mechanism powers the entire Social Justice movement. SJWs believe that because some demographic group has suffered some wrong in the past (i.e. it is a victim), its members now possess special powers to accuse people of what we might call cultural crimes, or thoughtcrimes. And in this court, you are guilty until proven innocent. You’re a pinhead, unless you get out the tape measure. But then attempting this makes you a laughing stock. “He said he’s not racist because he has black friends, lololol so stupid!” The proofs are not accepted, because this was never about being racist or not-racist, it was about marketing spin.

When you see a Ford and Chevy guy go at it, they might talk for a bit about the “facts”, i.e. engine power, reliability ratings, sales numbers, etc… but very soon, it will devolve into “Chevy is for fags.” If you responded with “but I’m married and I go to the strip club every Friday,” how would people react to that?

Are you seeing the pattern here? This is all bullshit, but only one side has, historically, realized that this is bullshit. Most of us on the Right who have a mind for actually figuring out what is correct have subscribed to the erroneous notion that the Left is also trying to figure out the right answers. Maybe once there were more Leftists who did this, but today? Give me a break. Every day it’s Nazi this, Hitler that. These are the techniques of bad, plaid-covered used car salesmen. These things don’t merit a serious response. Walk off the lot. Go somewhere else. Or if you do engage, ask the salesman if he tries to bend every customer over, or if today is just an ass-blaster special or something.

Yes, it’s crude, vulgar, and rude. Politics has always been those things. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr fought a duel to the death over this kind of thing. This has always been a nasty business, when did the Right forget? Leftists don’t think we’re nice, moral people. Whatever. So what? I want to the throw Communists out of helicopters. Niceness has nothing to do with anything political. Fight, or go home.

The worst trick the Left has played on us is making us think we have to be seen as nice, polite people. Why? Do the opinions of our enemies dictate our behavior? That’s dumb. Leftist peer pressure should be ignored, or responded to in kind. In that, Donald Trump has done the Right a truly awesome service, in the old sense of the word: inspiring awe. He has shown us that insults, comic one-liners, and obnoxious rhetoric actually work on these cretins. Look at how he has gotten under their collective skin.

And boy, the Left doesn’t like this one bit. Ugly rhetoric and high school insults have been their political bread and butter for decades, now they face someone who can lob the grenade right back, and it’s working. If they want to stop and put away childish things, I might be inclined to do likewise. It would take a lot of convincing for me to believe they are serious. But for now? Hell no. It’s all marketing spin, it’s all bullshit, it’s all high school popularity contests. And if that’s how they want to play, fine. I didn’t make the rules, but I can play by them just fine.

Stop caring if they think you’re nice and moral. They don’t care what we think of them, why should you care about their opinions? They aren’t interested in truth, they are interested in power. That’s why every “solution” to every “problem” involves the government granting Leftists more power. Create a marketing campaign to convince everybody they have a problem, then have a slick salesman offer a government “solution” to the problem. Rinse. Repeat. Put another way, if every bank error is in the bank’s favor… you need a new bank. Don’t ask for the bank’s opinion on whether or not you should stay.

I know, some of these people are friends, family, coworkers, or otherwise. And it’s not always easy to break with such people. But if they’ve insulted you thusly, if they’ve treated you like this, then perhaps you don’t mean as much to them as you thought. And believe me, dumping truly toxic people from your life is great. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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