It’s been a lengthy process to get through Marcuse’s writings. “Repressive Tolerance” was bad enough. I still have to make my way through “Eros and Civilization”. I’m not expecting a fun time reading it.

Other than that, I’ve been:

  • Getting the taxes ready for our accountant to file.
  • Cleaning/organizing at home – it’s cathartic to sweep away clutter and restore some physical order to my life.
  • Nailing the insurance agent exam! Now I just have to prod the people in charge of background checks to finish and get me that OK, so I can get that license.
  • Nursing a sick husband back to health – he’s on the mend with his circulation problem, but, now, he has a cold.
  • Working on a short story – about 1/2 way complete. Originally, I wanted to write one a month. Who am I kidding? I’ll be happy with 4 a YEAR!
  • Simultaneously writing the Leftism for Beginners book, and planning the content of unwritten chapters. Also, researching – Lord, those Leftists are tedious, wordy, and decidedly Germanic in their writing – lots of complex sentences with terms having specific meaning different from normal usage. Ponderous.
  • Working on losing weight. It is NOT easy. It IS important, and my diet needs to be supplemented with more exercise. I have a free week coming up, and I think that’s an excellent time to plan, and execute, a fitness schedule.

I’m in awe of my Declination co-bloggers who have created posts that are lengthy, thoughtful, and deep. That’s not me. I write shorter and more superficially. I wish I had the kind of mind that can dig deep into a topic, and draw out the meaning in well-crafted prose.

But, that I cannot, is one excellent argument for my Leftism book. I think, and write, closer to the way average people think. They really don’t need a well-referenced, lengthy, and complete description of how The Left has screwed up America, and The West. There are people who have already written those books.

The trouble is, they are not being read by those who need it most – the innocents who have gone along with what “Everyone Knows” to be true – pure Leftist propaganda. It’s what they were taught in school, it’s what the “cool kids” were talking about in college (it’s what that really cute girl/guy was so enthused about, that was mostly slogans and buzzwords). It’s the point of view that will allow them to be accepted into mainstream middle-class society.

To NOT follow along will get them labeled as Haters, Nazis, and Evil. They will be isolated at work, at school, and in their social circles. It’s easier to go along, particularly as they don’t know just how skewed that philosophy is.

Leftism for Beginners is designed to be the first step of a very long journey. One that can provide them with the tools to see how they have been manipulated by The Left, for most of their life.

Some will close the book, and largely forget it. Some will not even finish it.

And, some will read, begin to see, and take the next step. Those are the ones I’m writing for.


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