The Planned Parenthood scandal proves that we aren’t fighting against principled folks who just happen to disagree. We are waging war against naked, exposed evil.

I cannot remove a tree from my front yard, but these people can use my taxpayer money to kill unborn children and sell their parts for profit to Big Pharma. And the enemy calls us evil for finding something wrong in this.

Indeed, the Left is angry at us for conducting this “evil sting operation.” Their arguments don’t even make sense any longer. Take this little gem, for instance:



This woman doesn’t seem to understand that non-procreative sex wouldn’t result in a pregnancy in the first place. And she seems to think that Conservatives taking issue with selling the bodies of babies for profit is somehow the same as saying sex is bad. There really is no point in “having a conversation” with people like this. If you are sane, you cannot find common ground with a lunatic.

But it gets worse:



These people really equivocate our objections to this abhorrent practice to “destroying people’s lives.” What about the lives that were thrown away and sold to Big Pharma? Aren’t these the very same Leftists who lecture us that Capitalism is evil? Apparently it’s perfectly fine when conducted by a genocidal government agency, and its minions, hellbent on killing as many children as possible because they might be inconvenient, and their bodies fetch a good price on the market.

What’s next? Aborted Soylent Green? It’s almost impossible to imagine anything more evil than this. To me, this is right up there with the Holocaust in terms of moral deficiency and outright evil.

Now I want you to take this issue and combine it with another item on the Left’s agenda: infanticide, the killing of babies after birth. Many of them support this, saying that babies aren’t really self-aware, and killing them is no different than conducting an abortion. I cannot fathom this evil. I have a son who is 9 months old, now. Just the thought of what these people propose to do fills me with anger and digust that cannot be described with mere words. But it’s worse. They would kill the babies, and then sell their parts for personal gain.

And these are the same people who would throw you in jail for killing a bird or building something on your own property. They fight to the death to protect a tree, and want to throw babies off cliffs.

There are times in which I have personally waffled on the issue of abortion, because my Libertarian instincts have been difficult to reconcile with the notion of individual rights and my personal moral code. No more. Consider the matter suitably sorted.

I will say it in as plain of language as I can manage: these Planned Parenthood abortionists are the greatest evil of our age, sharing the podium with such notables as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the guys running ISIS. There can be no negotiation with them.

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