Some time ago, my compatriot here at The Declination, KodeTen, wondered why I bothered with the #GamerGate issue. I didn’t have a good answer for him then, but as I read this article at Breitbart, it clicked into place. Leftism has been fracturing for some time now due to the nature of its moving goal posts. Now that the ideology has embraced censorship, it is in the process of creating a new breed of Right-winger out of abandoned former Leftists. Reagan famously explained the situation:

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.

GamerGate is part of a larger phenomenon, wherein extreme-Left Social Justice ideologues are expelling their moderate counterparts from the movement. It is a kinder, gentler form of the Stalinist Purge. Increasingly, GamerGate supporters are finding that fair treatment is not coming from bastions of the Left-wing media, but from the Right. This is despite the fact that many GamerGate supporters are still self-identified Leftists.


The Purged don’t know where to go. Some, like Jonathan Chait, are adrift in a sea of confused, self-identified Progressives. They embrace freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other similar principles. They are economic Leftists but still socially similar to classical Liberals. They didn’t move with the goal posts because their erroneous beliefs are nonetheless sincerely held. SocJus advocates have no principles, they are Ray Bradbury’s Autumn People, moving with the breeze, drifting along the political winds, neither truly living nor safely dead.


So this is why I involve myself in GamerGate and other similar matters. This is a critical moment in the battle to save Western Civilization, it’s a moment when all the cherished notions of the principled Leftists have been shattered, when they have been viciously betrayed by their supposed friends and allies. They are adrift and don’t know where to go.

Yes, they are a rag tag bunch of political refugees, and their view of economics is terribly dim. But if there is ever a moment when they might be reasoned with, when they are sincerely open to our point of view, that time is now. For the first time, these Progressive exiles trust us more than they trust the Far-Left, for at least we have kept our word and respected their right to disagree.

SocJus can abide no disagreement nor principle. It has no goal, no end. It is Orwell’s boot, stomping on a human face, given flesh and blood. Games may not be that important in the grand scheme of things, but this war has already been lost in other mediums. A toehold must be maintained in mass media, and for the first time we have a genuine revolt from within that has given us allies behind the lines.



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