Also, including the case of non-immigrants, otherwise known as Illegal Aliens.

There is a distinction that is often lost on the less-analytical among us:

  • A person could be a legal immigrant – someone who applied for immigration in their OWN country, or in the nearest safe country to their own. Who waited until he/she/xer was given permission to enter the USA, and get what used to be called a Green Card – a card showing that the holder is LEGALLY resident in the USA. Such a care does NOT automatically give that holder the privilege of working, nor does it allow them the rights of citizens, including the right to vote.
  • A person might have originally had the legal right to enter – usually for a very limited period. That category can include:
    • Those given permission to enter to take a temporary job – includes the H1-B visa holders, artists, musicians, actors, etc. They do NOT have the right to stay beyond the term indicated in their visa.
    • Those who are students – occasionally in high school (for example, exchange students), more usually college or graduate school. They may NOT work while here, nor collect government benefits.
    • Those who overstay their visa – a VERY large category. Often, the temporary permission is abused by those who never intended to leave in the first place. MANY of those in this category work without having had a permit to do so.
  • A person may have, while underage, been brought into this country. These would be the DACA kids (although many are NOT kids, and lied about the age they came in). They have been given Deferred Action (that’s the DA part of the phrase), but they are STILL illegally present. That distinction is lost on the many women who reason with their female parts. For them, these “kids” are already legal, and only the Meanies in the Foreign-People-Hating Party are keeping them from the American Dream!
  • A person may have reached these shores fleeing for their life – some of them from Muslim countries, or Cuba, or China. These are the ones that asylum was designed to assist, not those who bypassed other countries to get higher-paying jobs in the USA. VERY few of the people pressing against the southern border fall into this category.

And, now for some fun. If you don’t read Watcher of Weasels, you’re missing a treat. I especially love their periodic Illustrated Editions, from which this came.

An excellent question, and one that Leftists have no valid response to.

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