I just got home last night, after 9 pm. It was a good trip – time with family (never enough), and a very hurried trip back, trying to get ahead of the encroaching weather.

No accidents, thankfully. And, I was smart enough to NOT schedule a sub job today – I can concentrate on straightening the house, organizing the bills/paper, and doing laundry – LOTS of laundry.

Today, I spent a few minutes getting caught up with friends on Facebook. One of them is Baldilocks – Juliette Akinyi Ochieng – who blogs at Baldilocks and Da Tech Guy. She’s written a book that is on Amazon.

Other interesting things – a Deadly Lacrosse Game, that leads to war! That war was one in which my direct ancestor, William Ice (Indian Billy) was taken after the adult females were killed, along with his sisters (neither was released when William was – at the end of the Pontiac War – they may have been sold/traded to other tribes).

A wonderful paen to Western Civilization.

Yet Another Reason Why Federal Bailouts Are a Bad Idea (YARWFBABI).


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