Some folks, even a few on the Right, think I exaggerate the extent of media bias. The thought is that most media bias is a result of unintentional personal bias. In other words, there are more Lefties in media, so their reporting takes a subconscious Left-wing slant.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s that simple. While I am similarly skeptical of the conspiracy theorists’ idea of some dark room filled with stale cigar smoke, where cloaked figures set their plans in motion, I do suspect that the media colludes actively with one another to set narratives.

When #GamerGate began, there was the GameJournoPro list that was revealed to the world, where Progressive SJW journalists colluded to write the “Gamers are Dead” narrative against the burgeoning consumer revolt. It’s hard not to suspect more of this type of thing when the shooting of thug and thief Michael Brown is deemed far more newsworthy for the nation than this story:

Moments before an elderly man was killed and his wife beaten, the 19-year-old accused killer asked his parents for permission to go for a walk. When he came home he had blood on his clothes. Now police are trying to figure out why a teen who has never been in trouble with the law could be accused of such a horrible crime.

In a desperate plea for help, 94-year old Harriet Anderson called 9-1-1 after she and her husband were attacked in their home here on East 46th Street Wednesday evening. “Somebody got in the house and attacked me and my husband and I’m all bloody. And I’m an old woman,” Mrs. Anderson told the dispatcher. “And I’m on the floor and my husband’s been hit in the head.”

But help would come too late. Anderson’s husband, 97-year-old Rupert Anderson died after the attack. Minutes after police arrived, 19-year-old suspected killer Ngor Makuey walked past the police car of one of the responding officers with blood on his sweatshirt. The police car’s dash camera caught a shot of Makuey. It was shown to neighbors and he was arrested.

The parents, of course, insist that their son is a “good boy” and would never do something like that. The fact that he was covered in blood and the police video identified the man is, of course, all fabrication by the racist establishment. Or something.

Anyway, the murder of a 97 year-old veteran is, of course, less important than the fact that Black Lives Matter… even after they just got done robbing a convenience store. Narrative uber alles.

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